Community Engagement

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What is Community Engagement?

Community engagement refers to the various methods of informing and involving the public in the policy decisions and actions of local government. For this reason, community engagement is an important aspect of local government service. By effectively engaging the community, government agencies are better able to address the values, needs, and concerns of the public while also ensuring transparency and accountability.

What is Yolo County doing to engage the public?

Yolo County has placed a high importance on community engagement, including it as a key principle in the 2016-2019 County Strategic Plan, and is currently working to strengthen community engagement practices throughout the organization.

To assist in this effort the County established a team of staff trained in engagement by the Institute for Local Government. This team is developing a policy, toolkits, and trainings to guide County staff in conducting effective community engagement. The County is also in the process of hiring a Communications Coordinator to support these efforts in the community.

What is the County policy on engagement?

A draft policy has been developed based on best practice research and training provided by the Institute for Local Government. This policy was shared with various community organizations to gather input and shared with members of the public via the County webpage and social media for the community to submit input. The draft document below will now be brought before the Board of Supervisors in January for approval.


Draft Community Engagement Policy



Where can I go for more information?

Questions regarding Yolo County's community engagement efforts may be directed to Carolyn Jhajj, Senior Management Analyst, at the County Administrator's Office at or at 530-406-5775.

Additional information regarding community engagement best practices can be found through the Institute for Local Government.