Juvenile Services

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JDF LibraryJuvenile Intake/Court Investigations 

Mission: To protect the public by assessment of public safety risks and personal needs of referred juvenile offenders and to provide investigative reports with dispositional recommendations to the Juvenile Court.

Juvenile Community Supervision/Placement Prevention

Mission:   To protect the public while minimizing juvenile placement out of the parental home and in residential treatment facilities for selected high-risk offenders, doing so by providing coordinated community-based risk reduction services, using a  multi-agency approach.

JDF Youth RoomJuvenile Residential Placement Unit

Mission: To protect the public and provide risk reduction treatment programs by the placement of Juvenile Court Wards in residential treatment facilities, and the monitoring of these wards while in placement.

Gang Violence Suppression Task Force

Mission: To increase public safety by suppressing gang activity and providing education to community youth.

  • The GVS Task Force is comprised of staff from several disciplines: a prosecuting district attorney; police officer; probation officer, members of the school district -- mentor/counselors
  • This is a multi-disciplinary approach to gang suppression by maintaining cooperative working partnerships and beneficial sharing of information. Coordination among collaborative agencies to implement consistent and compatible data systems is necessary to share information and ensure the best outcomes. This true team approach is directed at reducing and/eliminating gang related activity.
  • Effective intervention in enforcing probation conditions involve: Intensive supervision/monitoring; conducting routine searches; conducting drug urinalysis; checking school attendance; checking for curfew violations; and enforcing the gang registration order; providing gang prevention and education services at local schools.

 Juvenile Justice Handbooks(English) (Spanish) (Russian)

Juvenile Record Seal

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Juvenile Fees

Under a new California law (SB 190), counties cannot charge fees to parents and guardians with youth in the juvenile delinquency system beginning January 1, 2018.

What cannot be charged? Under the new law, families with youth in juvenile court cannot be charged:

  • Detention fees - Food, clothing, personal supplies, or medical care in juvenile hall or any other detention facility
  • Lawyer fees - Public defender or court-appointed lawyer
  • Electronic monitoring fees - Ankle monitors or any other GPS tracking device
  • Probation and home supervision fees - For the period of probation monitoring
  • Drug testing fees - Court-ordered drug testing and results

If you are charged any of these fees starting January 1, 2018, or have questions about a bill you got from the county after your child was arrested, contact the County department that sent the bill and your child’s court-appointed lawyer immediately.

What can still be charged?

  • Restitution - Payment to crime victims
  • Restitution fines - Fixed amount to a state restitution fund

If you owe restitution or fees, for your convenience you may now pay either by:

  • ATM or credit card by either calling (530 )666-8668 or by coming to any Probation office site or the Yolo County Collections Services office. See Contact Us page for office locations and hours.
  • In person by cash, check or money order at any Probation office site or the YCCS.
  • By mail sent to an probation office site or the YCCS.