Juvenile Detention Facility

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Front Desk
Monday - Friday
8am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm
Closed For Lunch

In addition to the Superintendent of Institutional Services, this division is comprised of one three Supervising Detention Officers, Four Senior Detention Officers, over fifty Detention Officers (I, II and Extra-Help full time and part-time), and two Administrative Staff supporters.  Other staffing include school staffing of nine, and medical staffing of four.  Security is in full force at all times.

MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT:  Our mission is to protect the public from the delinquent acts of minors while providing for the safety and security of those detained, and staff in accordance with the law. Our vision is that every child under our care shall be provided with an experience that instills social values of respect and appreciation for individual rights and social morals.

THE FACILITY:  Is located at 2880 East Gibson Road, Woodland, California.  Construction of the new facility was completed in the year 2005 with the capacity of ninety (90) beds and three pods. Each pod has thirty (30) beds, two classrooms, space for basic medical assessments, and an activity area. The former facility capacity was only thirty (30) beds and was often over crowded.


The Juvenile Detention Facility is a temporary detention and treatment facility for minors who have been charged with a violation of the law or who have violated conditions of probation. It is a division of the Probation Department but operated under the authority and regulation of the California Welfare and Institutions Code, the California Penal Code, the California Code of Regulations, and Title 15 and Title 24 of the Corrections Standards Authority (formerly knows as the Board of Corrections). Mandates include that the detention facility shall not be operated as a jail, prison, or penal institution and shall be operated in all respects to model a homelike environment.


As a division of the Probation Department, the detention facility staffs have separate duties and functions. They are responsible for booking decisions, admissions procedures and the daily care and custody of minors housed in the facility.


For information about scheduling visits with an in custody minor, visitor visit criteria, volunteer programs, acceptable mail for minors, administravite hours, and more, please contact the facility at (530) 406-5300.


EDUCATION:  The Yolo County Office of Education (YCOE) as the Dan Jacobs School operates the school program in the facility five days a week. Minors are initially tested to determine their current level of knowledge. Educational materials as well as computers are provided to all students for enhanced learning opportunities. Minors receive regular school credits for school work done while in detention and follows the minor to their regular school of attendance.

MEDICAL SERVICES:  The California Forensic Medical Group (CFMG) contracts with the County to provide medical services for minors in custody. CFMG staff is at the detention facility on a daily basis. All minors are given a physical screening within 96 hours of their incarceration.

If medical problems exist, treatment in concert with the parent or guardian, commences

Medical emergencies are handled through local medical resources and if needed, medical services beyond those available from the CFMG are secured.

PROGRAMS FOR THE MINORS:  A Program Coordinator ensures that the minors are entertained through various programs that enhance life skills, mind challenging activities, and community involvement. This includes Teen Parenting Skills for teenage parents, Church Group, Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, College Conferences, Motivational Speakers, Career Spokes Persons, Arts and Crafts, local celebrities, and much more.


  • A volunteer program was started in June 1997. This program has the largest per capita number of volunteers of all 58 counties in the State of California. 
  • Services include one-to-one dialogue, mentoring, home-baked snacks, uniform alterations/repair, book donations, table games, and more.
  • Each volunteer affiliation is coordinated by the Program Coordinator and all volunteers are screened, trained, and orientated keeping in mind the confidentiality policies of all minors, and safety and security.
  • Additional volunteers are always welcome.

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