Alternative Sentencing Program

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MissionTo provide for public safety by holding court ordered adult and juvenile defendants accountable for their illegal behavior through supervised community work projects.

Goals: To continue to provide low risk offenders with this legally mandated option to incarceration or fine, thus securing public service from the offender while at the same time preserving valuable jail and juvenile hall bed space for the more serious offenders. To hold defendants to program standards and expectations which will hopefully induce an improved personal work ethic.

Division Description: The Yolo County Probation Alternative Sentencing Program allows individuals to perform work in the community in lieu of a paying a fine or incarceration. Probation Department staff is involved in the procurement of work sites and the actual supervision of the workers.

Enrollment Criteria: Referrals are received from: the State Courts located in Yolo County; the Yolo County Sheriff's Department; agencies located in other counties when the offender was convicted there but needs to do the work in Yolo County.

Financial Support for the Alternative Sentencing Program: This is largely derived from two sources. First, all adult participants pay a user fee prior to starting work. Next, work service contracts with non-profit parties are in place wherein the "customer" pays a per day fee for a supervised crew of 9-14 workers. The most common work is that of grounds-maintenance. Transportation, insurance and all equipment needed (mowers, etc.) for the job is provided by the program. Other types of work might be: site clean-up; litter removal; painting; general labor.

If you might be interested in hiring a work crew, call (530) 406-5304 or otherwise contact the Probation Department.

Other Services Provided by the Alternative Sentencing Program

The Probation Alternative Sentencing Program has contracted services with some county sites. Although no direct income to the program itself is received, nonetheless, tax dollars are saved because the County would otherwise be required hire additional staff or contract with private firms to get the work done. Through this effort, the county benefits in cost savings and beautification of the community landscapes and buildings.  The Work Program also assists with various charitable events from time to time and no fees are charged.