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  • What are the benefits to setting up a Prepaid Destination Account?

    You may add up to 10 additional phone numbers to your account at no additional cost (cell #'s, friends, family and work)

    All phone calls may be recorded.
    Calls will connect to cell phones, subject to facility restrictions.
    The minimum funding amount is $25.00.  Your account must remain funded in order to allow phone calls to be placed.
    You have access to fund your account through NCIC's automated customer service 24/7.

  • What do I need to bring to my probation appointments?

    Bring all of your court papers including minute orders and probation orders.
  • I've been placed on probation for a crime involving domestic violence. When must I come to the probation department for my initial meeting?

    The first Thursday after your court date, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 noon.
  • Do I need to check with a probation officer when I’ve been released from jail or after court?

    If you have been placed on formal probation, you must come to the probation office at 2780 E. Gibson Rd., Woodland, immediately after the court hearing in which probation was granted, or if you were in jail at that time, within 72 hours of release from jail.
  • When do I go to court?

    You need to either contact your attorney or the court itself to find out.
  • What is the process to get either my juvenile record sealed or be granted relief and dismissal for my adult record?

    Please click on this link for instructions or you may contact your attorney.
  • My child is taking drugs. Can I bring him/her to the Juvenile Hall for a few days?

    No. Only Law Enforcement Officials may arrest and book a child into the facility. If the child is on probation contact the child’s Probation Officer.
  • My six or ten year old child is uncontrollable and I told him/her that I am going to put him/her in Juvenile Hall. Can I bring him/her there to see what it would be like if they go there?

    No. It is recommended that you contact your local child’s school counselor to obtain resources or contact the Yolo County Department of Mental Health for additional resources.
  • I am interested in volunteering at the Juvenile Hall. How can I do that?

    Complete a volunteer application and indicate what affiliation you are with. If you have no affiliation, you will be placed under the JH Ministry (Holy Rosary) Volunteer Group. Once you pass background check, you will be referred to a JH Ministry Coordinator.
  • Can I bail my child out of Juvenile Hall?

    Unless court ordered, no. Refer to your child’s Probation Officer or Attorney.
  • Can I bring my son/daughter books, magazines, photos, food, or presents while they stay in the Juvenile Hall?

  • I want to put some money on my child’s account while he's at the Juvenile Hall. Can I do that?

    The facility accepts money for haircuts only on behalf of the barber.
  • Can I write my friend a letter while they are in Juvenile Hall?

    Minors may receive standard size mail from anyone that is within the mail guidelines of the facility policy and procedure. Contact the facility to obtain more information on guidelines. All packages will be refused unless prior arrangements have been made. All mail received at the facility is subject to search and review.
  • Are visits to the Juvenile Hall contact or non-contact?

    All visits are non-contact unless otherwise specified and in accordance with special circumstances.
  • How can I setup a phone account for my child in the Juvenile Hall?

    You may call NCIC at (800) 943-2189 to set up a Prepaid Destination Account.  A live operator will assist you.  You will need one of the following forms of payment:

    Valid credit or debit card
    Valid prepaid debit card
    Western Union
    PayPal Account

  • I set up a Prepaid Destination Account for my child while he stays in the Juvenile Hall, so why haven't I heard from him?

    Your child must be calling others with his account and might have used up all his/her funds. Or your child might have been restricted from using the pay phone due to modified/behavioral matters.
  • How do I know who my child’s Probation Officer is?

    After JDF staff confirms that you are the parent/legal guardian, you may be connected to your child’s Probation Officer or to the on duty intake Probation Officer if one has not yet been assigned.
  • When is my kid getting out of Juvenile Hall?

    Please consult with your child’s probation officer or attorney of record. JDF staff does not release any court related information.
  • My child is on medication while staying in the Juvenile Hall, how can I be sure he is getting it?

    All medications are administered by the medical staff. Parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will be notified of any issues. Prescriptions must be delivered in its original container with the minor’s information and dosage on the original label. Medical Staff accepts the medication or a detention staff in the absence of medical staff. It must be accepted officially and not dropped off.
  • Can you tell me if my friend is locked up in the Juvenile Hall?

    Information regarding a detained minor is not provided to anyone other than authorized persons.
  • Why can’t I visit my child in Juvenile Hall during the week?

    Visits are held only during the weekends with the times dependent on the child’s assigned pod location.
  • I want to know if my child is all right in the Juvenile Hall, so can I talk to him/her right now?

    Please be assured that in the event of any serious incident involving your child, you will be notified by the on duty supervisor or medical staff.
  • Can I visit my cousin who is in Juvenile Hall? I'm 16.

    Only parents or legal guardians are authorized to visit.


  • Can I pay my work program fees at the Alternative Sentencing Program Office?

    Yes, fees are collected Monday through Saturday from 7:45-12:00 & 12:30-3:45.  We accepte cash, check & credit cards. To pay over the phone please call the Yolo County Collections office at (530) 666-8668.
  • Where is the Alternative Sentencing Program Office Located?

    The Alternative Sentencing Office is located at 2780 E. Gibson Road, Woodland, CA 95776
  • What is the phone number for the the Alternative Sentencing Office?

    The Alternative Sentencing Program office phone number is (530) 669-2331
  • I have been ordered to do work program/community services, but I have a full time job will I be able to work on weekends only?

    Yes, with proof of employment (check stub or work schedule on employers letterhead) you can be scheduled to work weekends only.
  • What if I can't pay my Work Program fees within 45-days?

    Contact the Alternative Sentencing Office at (530) 669-2331 and ask to speak to a supervisor.
  • How much time do I have to pay my Work Program fees?

    Program fees must be paid within 45-days from the date on the referral issued to you by the Sheriff's Department or Court Minute Order.
  • What are the Alternative Sentencing Program's office hours?

    The Alternative Sentencing Program Office (ASP) is open from 7:30-12:00 & 12:30-4:00 Monday thru Saturday
  • What are the Probation Office hours?

    Probation Office hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.