Adult Services

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Voting RightsCriminal Court Investigations

Mission: To provide public protection by conducting individual pre-sentence risk and needs assessments and preparing sentencing recommendations in all felony matters before the Criminal Court.

Probation Compliance and Enforcement Programs

Mission: To provide public protection by reducing criminal risk behaviors through monitoring and enforcement of terms and conditions of probation.

Domestic Violence/Sex Offenders

Mission: To protect the public by reducing the risk of criminal acts of persons on probation and convicted of domestic violence or sex offenses.

Follow this link to find out more about the Yolo County Domestic Violence Reduction Program, as well as other links for more information about this debilitating family dynamic.

Courthouse 1Adult Residential Placement

Mission: To protect the public by reducing risks associated with chronic drug and/or alcohol dependency through coordinated case management and placement services for adults ordered into drug/alcohol recovery programs by the court.

Substance Abuse and Crime Reduction Act

Mission: To enhance public safety by reducing drug-related crime and improving public health by reducing drug abuse through coordinated case management and intensive supervision, and providing substance abuse treatment to drug offenders ordered to participate by the court.

Pre-Trial Release Program

Mission: To ensure due process to those accused of crime(s), maintaining the integrity of the judicial process by encouraging the defendant's appearance for trial, minimizing unnecessary use of secure detention and protecting victims, witnesses and the community from threat, danger or interference.