Administrative Services

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Courthouse 5Mission: To provide fiscal, personnel, accounting, clerical services and related support to all Probation Department activities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Administration of the Probation Department's budget;
  • Management of the department's clerical support structure;
  • Maintenance of all personnel, administrative and probation case records;
  • Supportive functions to include purchasing, inventory, accounting and payroll;
  • Development and maintenance of contracts and special grant activities.

The unit is comprised of one Director and 15 staff.

The Administrative Services Division plays a key role supporting all programs within the Probation Department. Responsibilities are varied and may run the gamut from being the "face" of the agency to preparing and maintaining accurate records of nearly all department activity. Further, maintaining purchasing, inventory and personnel records is no small task for an agency this size. The knowledge base of administrative services division staff must be broad in that their responsibilities are far ranging and critical to the operation of the agency.