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Prosecuting with Integrity - Seeking and Doing Justice

There are thirty-six attorneys employed by the District Attorney's Office practicing within the Criminal Division. Additionally, there are five attorneys who are deputized by the District Attorney working for the Yolo County Child Support Services.

The attorneys are responsible for the prosecution of all adult and juvenile felonies and misdemeanors committed in Yolo County as well as civil child support actions. They are all responsible for calendar coverage and appearing in the ten departments of the Superior Court. The Child Support Services attorneys, deputized by the District Attorney, are responsible for failure to provide support of a child or children and spousal support.

In addition, the attorneys of the District Attorney's Office provide legal support and advise law enforcement officers regarding arrest and search warrants, etc. This includes being scheduled "on-call" two weekends a year. Deputies help provide reciprocal training for "mock court". The Deputy District Attorneys are assigned to either vertical prosecution or specialized units, most of which are grant funded, or the felony and misdemeanor/juvenile teams.

The grant-funded positions prosecute drug cases, domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abduction, violence against women, elder abuse, vehicle theft, automobile insurance fraud, and workers' compensation fraud. However, of these types of cases, not all of the cases fall under the grant guidelines. When they do not qualify, those cases revert to the felony team.

The felony team handles all felonies that are not covered by the grant funds. This includes cases such as homicide, robbery, burglary, consumer fraud, environmental violations, high-technology crime, political violations, licensing and regulatory code violations, abatements, asset forfeiture, and "white collar" crimes.

The misdemeanor / juvenile team prosecute all misdemeanors such as drunk driving, driving on a suspended license, petty theft and all juvenile cases.