Major Narcotics Vendor Prosecution

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Major Narcotics Vendor Prosecution

The Major Narcotic Vendors Prosecutor (MNVP) is solely responsible for the prosecution of all defendants who have been charged with the manufacture or sales of narcotics. Manufacture and sales includes every step of the process from illegally obtaining materials to manufacturing narcotics through the street dealer possession of narcotics for sale. The MNVP Attorney's job starts at the initial charging stage and is complete upon the termination of proceedings. In addition to charging defendants who will fall within the MNVP guidelines, the MNVP Attorney is also responsible for charging all other felony cases involving narcotics.

The MNVP Attorney also maintains a close relationship with the Yolo County Narcotic Enforcement Team (YONET). The MNVP Attorney holds the primary responsibility to review search warrant requests and field legal questions for YONET. The purpose of having an agency such as YONET and an MNVP Attorney is to keep dedicated experts at both ends of the legal system. 


The Yolo County Narcotic Enforcement Team (YONET) is a specialty unit to combat illicit drug sales in the Yolo County area. The Team is comprise of at least one member from each local peace officer agency. Specifically, there is one member on YONET from each of the following: Woodland Police; Davis Police; West Sacramento Police; Yolo Sheriff; California Highway Patrol; Yolo Probation; Yolo Parole; District Attorney Investigator; and Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement

Every member of this unit does undercover work as well as working with citizen informants. In addition to their field work, every member of this unit is qualified to testify in court for the People as an expert in the field of Narcotics sales and use. The YONET job starts at the initial information of drug sales through investigation, obtaining a search warrant when needed, collection of evidence, arrest and through trial when needed. The purpose of having an agency such as YONET is to keep dedicated experts available to enforce our state's laws.