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The Investigation Division of the Yolo County District Attorney's Office is headed up by Chief Investigator Bruce Naliboff. Investigation and prosecution in the District Attorney's office go hand-in-hand and extend into every division, specialized unit and in each location. Most of the investigators are assigned to the specialized units and vertical prosecution. There are sixteen full time Investigators, seven part time Investigators, nine Enforcement Officers and one Legal Process Clerk.

The Division has four Lieutenants, one assigned to each of the following areas:

* General Criminal
* Gangs Welfare Fraud
* Administration

The Investigation Division of the Yolo County District Attorney's Office is responsible for investigative support for the thirty-three Deputy District Attorney's and the District Attorney himself. This includes investigative support for all prosecutions and trials conducted in Yolo County. Prosecutions in Yolo County run the entire gambit from petty theft, DUI, rape, robbery and all the way to homicide. DA Investigators work in the following areas:

* General Criminal
* Gangs
* Insurance Fraud
* Elder Abuse
* Sexual Assaults
* Child Abduction
* Consumer Fraud
* Environmental Crimes
* Welfare Fraud
* High Technologies Crimes (computers, Internet, cell phones, PDA's etc)
* Auto Theft - SACCATS (Sacramento Valley Auto Theft Task Force)
* Narcotics - YONET (Yolo County Narcotics Enforcement Team)

DA's Investigators also conduct specialized investigations including: Witness protection Officer-involved shootings Officer involved Misuse of force Public Servant Invesigations County Grand Jury Investigations.

Child Support

The investigators assigned to Child Support have increased the use of Penal Code Section 270 which makes it a crime not to provide support to your children. This led to locating many parents who were not providing for their children. The investigators also publish the list of "most wanted" parents in the local newspaper. This program has been a tremendous success.