Anti-Drug Abuse Prosecution

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Anti-Drug Abuse (ADA) Prosecution

Ensuring safe neighborhoods and a high quality of life for all Yolo County citizens is a top priority for the District Attorney. The use and trafficking of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other narcotics affects communities in numerous ways, diminishing quality of life and exposing residents to the lawlessness of drug dealers. The District Attorney’s Office vigorously prosecutes offenders who sell narcotics, while ensuring addicts and first-time low level offenders have access to effective treatment and rehabilitative programs.

Drug Court

Drug Court, a program that Yolo County uses to treat and reform drug offenders, was created with the intent to provide rehabilitative treatment to addicts who commit crimes to support their addictions. Used in jurisdictions across the country, the Drug Court model is a smart approach to public safety and a good investment of public resources.

It is much wiser to treat addicts rather than send them to prison. With the right mix of substance abuse treatment, rehabilitative services, accountability, education and vocational support, experience shows that addicts can recover, rebuild their lives and stop committing crime.

Drug Court is meant to give substance abusers a second chance to get clean: the court dismisses a low-level drug possession charge if the defendant completes drug treatment.