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MyAvatar © 2015 Netsmart Technologies, Inc., is the Electronic Health Record (EHR) utilized by Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency – Behavioral Health. It supports Yolo County’s Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder units. MyAvatar application is accessible over the internet and is comprised of modules that cover patient records, treatment plans, progress notes, billing, scheduling, financial reporting, pharmacy management, e-prescribing, document management, workflow automation, order entry, and other functions.


Quick Start Guide

If you do not have an icon to click for log in, and are NOT using the Yolo County server for network connection you can use the following If you are on the Yolo County server then you can use this link if you are in Internet Explorer: MyAvatar Internal Link. Please review the Technical Requirements  folder below to install the appropriate required software.

To obtain access as a User to the Yolo County MyAvatar system, complete the documents in  Avatar Access Requirements folder found below, only complete the Orderconnect Contractual Agreement, if you will be/are a HHSA prescribing practitioner . If the User will be providing services to Yolo County clients and need's to bill the County for payment consideration then a Practitioner Enrollment Application will need to be submitted; forms can be found in Practitioner Enrollment folder found below.

HEADS UP: A User account is NOT REQUIRED if the provider needs to claim for services; only the practitioner enrollment will be required.

 When a user account has been established please follow the guidance to setup password resets


Request for Reports or System Changes

If you would like to suggest enhancements to the current system (System Change) or would like to request a new report (Report Request), please submit the Avatar System Change Request Form (found below)  to

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