County Mental Health Triage Services

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SB82 Children’s Mental Health Triage Grant

Our SB82 Children’s Crisis Clinician responds to youth in crisis when they present at the MHUC or at the Woodland Clinic. This position responds to the community in conjunction with our Child Welfare partners, when a Child welfare dependent is in crisis to provide crisis intervention. This position will also respond along with CWS in the community to link the youth to mental health services. This position also provides intensive case management services for identified youth that are linked to mental health services, to prevent over utilization of emergency services and prevent out of home placement. Lastly, this position also provides intensive case management services for CWS dependents that are at risk for or in out of home placements. 


Clinician: Amara Reddick
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9-7pm.
Direct Phone #: 530-908-6310



SB82 Mental Health Transition Age Youth/Adult Triage Grant

The TAY triage grant is to provide prevention, early intervention, triage and crisis response to 16-29 year olds residing in Yolo County. The TAY crisis response clinician works out of the Woodland clinic and the Urgent Care in West Sacramento, but can be contacted directly and dispatched as needed and as available. The TAY crisis response back-up when not available is the Woodland crisis response team that works out of the Woodland clinic or the West Sacramento Urgent Care. This position also provides linkage to mental health services, intensive case management, emergency services, and 5150 evaluations/assessments.


Clinician: Cory Henning
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Direct Phone #: 530-631-2588