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Inspections are based on regulations that are designed to eliminate risk factors for food borne disease. Every violation of these regulations is classified indicating the degree of risk in causing a food-borne illness.


These are violations that pose an imminent risk to public health and may warrant immediate closure of the food establishment (or portion of establishment affected by the violation, for example the salad bar at a restaurant) or immediate correction. Critical violations usually require mandatory re-inspection by Yolo County Environmental Health to confirm that the violation has been addressed unless the cause of the violation is addressed and corrected at the time of inspection.


These are violations that do not pose an imminent public health risk, but still warrant correction. Minor violations cited during a re-inspection might be the result of one (or more) conditions from the routine inspection not being adequately addressed by the time of the re-inspection or the inspector citing a new violation.

Recurring violations that are cited as minor may warrant the closure of a facility even though they do not pose an imminent public health risk because of the facility’s inability to correct them.