Search Tips for Food Facilities

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General Searching

  • Search by any of the individual fields. (ex. For all restaurants on Jefferson Blvd. enter "Jefferson" in the Street Field)
  • If you are unsure of the spelling, try to spell just a portion of the word.

Refined Searches

  • Use multiple fields to narrow a search (ex. To find Applebee’s in Woodland use both the Restaurant Name and City fields.)

Other Tips

  • Some restaurants are listed alphabetically by the first word, which may be deceiving.
  • If your search returned zero results, try entering less information in the search fields: Only the first few letters of a facility name or street name, rather than the entire name, or just the facility name by itself, or just the street name or just the zip code. 
  • Business name changes: Food facilities name changes are common, so if you suspect that there has been a recent name change, try searching for the facility by address, leaving the name field blank.
  • Too many results? If the list of businesses returned is too long, add a little more information at a time until you get what you are looking for. In most cases the facility name or first few letters of the name along with the street name or first few letters of the street name should narrow the list to a manageable length.