Inspection Types

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Routine Inspection

A periodic, unannounced inspection of a permitted food facility to determine compliance with health code standards. Facilities in Yolo County generally receive one to two routine inspections each year depending on the type of facility.  

Follow-Up Inspection

A revisit or follow-up inspection made subsequent to a routine inspection to determine compliance with health code standards. Follow-up inspections are only conducted if the routine inspection resulted in violations. This inspection is normally scheduled in advance.

Complaint Inspection

An investigation made in response to a complaint or request for assistance from the public or another agency. The investigation of a complaint does not indicate that the alleged condition is genuine or accurate.

Permit Suspended or Revoked

Inspection of the facility resulted in one or more critical violations serious enough to warrant closure of the facility. Types of violations that would result in the closure of a facility are those that pose a danger to public health and are not immediately corrected.

Reinstatement of Permit Following Suspension

This result is used after a facility closure to indicate that the facility can re-open for business. All violations that resulted in the facility being closed must be corrected and the facility must be re-inspected prior to the facility being allowed to reopen. The re-inspection can occur as soon as the facility requests it (possibly the same day), depending on the nature and severity of the violations that caused the closure.