Child Welfare Services (CWS)

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Yolo County Child Welfare Services strengthens the safety, permanency, and well-being of children involved in the child welfare system. Child Welfare Services intervenes on behalf of children who need protection from abuse and neglect. With the ultimate goal of  safety and permanency, CWS providing assistance with adoption, foster home licensing. independent living, placement assessment and family reunification.

If you require Medical Attention, Law Enforcement or there is a Threat of Suicide, call 911 immediately.

Child Welfare Reporting Abuse Hotline


Child Welfare Services (CPS) Staff Contact List

  • How do I make a report?

    Complete the Suspected Child Abuse Report before you call the Child Welfare Services Abuse Reporting Hotline at 530-669-2345.

    During the evening, at night, weekends and on holidays, Dispatch will contact the on-call social worker to respond to phone calls or investigate emergency situations of abuse and neglect. Supervisors are also on duty for case consultations and supervision. Reports should be as detailed as possible, but please do not investigate. Provide information on the child and family’s support network. Also, consider if the parent is taking any steps at ensuring the child’s safety or if the parent and child have any strengths that CWS can rely upon to help in safety planning with the family.  
  • Are you a Mandated Reporter?

    WE WELCOME CONSULTATION CALLS.  Please call and utilize the expertise of our intake social workers to consult on when/if a mandated report is necessary and what community resources may be available.   Finally, on behalf of children everywhere, thank you for caring!  
  • If I report suspected child abuse or neglect, will you tell the parents who reported it?

    The Department makes every effort to keep confidential the mandated reporters name, however it may be disclosed as follows;  between child protective agencies, to legal counsel representing a child in a court case, to the district attorney in a criminal prosecution, and by court order. However, the parents may guess, based on the information provided, who reported the abuse. It is common for parents to state that they know who reported, however this knowledge is really only their suspicion.  

  • What is the purpose of the law?

    To protect children and to provide help for the parents.  The report of abuse may be a catalyst for bringing about change in the home, which in turn may help to lower the risk of further abuse in the home.
  • Do I have to make a report if I think a child is being abused?

    Any person who suspects child abuse or neglect should report it. However, certain individuals such as day care providers, school personnel, medical personnel, law enforcement, social workers, therapist, eligibility workers, and commercial film and photographic print processors are required by law to file such reports. They are called mandated reporters. Mandated reporters are required to give their names when making a report.   
  • What is Child Abuse?

    Child abuse includes: physical abuse, severe neglect, general neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional maltreatment. Any act that endangers or impairs a child's physical or emotional health should be suspected as child abuse, regardless of degree of severity.