Vision and Mission

The vision of the Yolo County MCAH Advisory Board is that our community will be one in which the need of all women, children, and adolescents in Yolo County are met through access to quality health and support services and a safe, health environment in which families can reach their full potential of good health.

The mission of the Yolo County MCAH Advisory Board is to proactively work to preserve, promote and enhance health and support systems for Yolo County women, children, and their families.

Platform Statement

Activities of the Board

  • Annually review available data indicators to assess health status, health system adequacy and utilization related to the MCAH population.
  • Inform and advise the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and local Health Officer on real and anticipated impacts upon health status as a result of changes in federal, state and local legislation, policy and funding.
  • Provide input on the development of the 5 year strategic plan and development of priority areas for the local MCAH Program.
  • Research and provide input to the BOS on any issue relating to the health of the MCAH population at the request of the BOS or based on issues of concern to the MCAH Advisory Board.
  • Advocate for solutions to identify MCAH special needs and priorities through promotion of public awareness, coordination of existing services, and encouragement of new resource development.
  • Provide an annual report of MCAH Advisory Board Activities to the BOS.


Make up of membership:

13 regular voting members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Category A: Parents of children eligible for state health services.
Category B: Representatives from health professional.
Category C: School health representative
Category D: Member of existing local groups to Maternal Child and adolescent.
Category E: Individual interested in the health of mother and children.

A list of current members can be found here.

If you would be interested in applying for the MCAH Advisory Board, the application can be found here.