2019 Meeting Calendar 


This Committee is responsible for an annual review of ambulance services within Yolo County, emergency medical care in the County, including CPR and respiratory training programs, and First Aid practices. Each year, a report is created and submitted to the Emergency Medical Services Authority and other agencies.


Ordinance No. 1111 (11/20/90); Resolution Nos. 02-73 (4/30/02), 05-20 (2/15/05), 10-04 (1/12/10), and 12-140 (12/11/12).



Makeup of membership

12 regular voting members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors may appoint alternate members for each regular member, who shall serve in the absence of the regular member for whom he or she was appointed.


Categories are: 

  • Category A: One from each hospital serving as a "base station" for Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances in or for Yolo County 
  • Category B: One representative from each incorporated city and one representative of the unincorporated area
  • Category C: One physician representative who is involved with emergency medical services in Yolo County
  • Category D: One representative nominated by the police department
  • Category E: one representative of rural fire departments/districts nominated by the Yolo County Fire Chiefs’ Association
  • Category F: one representative nominated by the University of California at Davis campus 
  • Category G: one representative nominated by the Yocha Dehe Winton Nation

A current roster can be found HERE. 

If you would be interested in applying to be an appointed member of Emergency Medical Care Committee, the application can be found HERE