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Adult Abuse

Toll Free     1-888-675-1115
Local              530-661-2727
After Hours Emergency   911

More information about Adult Protective Services can be found on the Adult Protective Services webpage

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Animal Bites

Please report animal bites IMMEDIATELY to Yolo County Animal Services at 530-668-5287 (business hours) and 530-666-8900 (non-business hours)

For medical providers: Animal Bite Report form

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Behavioral Health Compliance

Compliance related questions, concerns or reports can be directly made to the HHSA Behavioral Health Compliance Officer
Katherine Barrett
137 N. Cottonwood St
Woodland, CA 95695
or anonymously through our 24-hour Compliance Reporting line

(800) 391-7440


Child Abuse

Toll free     1-888-400-0022
Local           530-669-2345
After Hours Emergency  911

What is child abuse:

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Infectious and Communicable Disease

During Business Hours

To report an URGENT communicable disease during business hours, please call 530-666-8670.

For non-urgent communicable diseases, please download and complete a Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR) below:

For HIV/AIDS reporting guidelines please call the Yolo County HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator at (530) 666-8670 to report. Please do NOT fax HIV/AIDS reports.

During Non-Business Hours

Please call 530-321-3620 for URGENT concerns. Please be prepared to provide the dispatcher with your name, affiliation, the nature of the report or emergency and a phone number where you can be contacted by the on-call staff.

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Dead Bat

AVOID any contact with dead bats.

Contact the Rabies Control Program at Yolo County Animal Services at 530-668-5287 if you locate a downed bat. Bats can transmit rabies. Teach children to stay away from them and vaccinate dogs and cats.

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Dead Bird or Squirrel (West Nile Virus)

Please report dead birds to the Sacramento-Yolo Vector Control District ONLINE or by calling 1-877-WNV-BIRD (968-2473).

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Food Poisoning

Please report food poisoning to Yolo County Environmental Health Division.

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Housing Complaints

For housing complaints within city limits, please contact the local code enforcement. Please contact the Yolo County Environmental Health Division for complaints outside of the city limits.

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IHSS Fraud

(916) 375-6200 x2955

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The Ombudsman is available to help Yolo County residents who are having difficulty obtaining needed services within the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA). The Ombudsman is a liaison between HHSA and the public, customer and other governmental or private agencies. Please note your services will not NOT be adversely affected in any way by filing a complaint. 

To file a formal complaint, please go HERE

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Welfare Fraud

Please report Welfare Fraud by completing THIS FORM or call (530) 661-2754.

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