Roadmap to Recovery

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(NEW JULY 1) To help slow the spread of COVID-19 and align with surrounding counties, Yolo County will pre-emptively close the same sectors that the State has required to close for counties on the County Monitoring List effective July 3, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. for a minimum of 3 weeks:   

  -  All alcohol-only bars and breweries (indoor and outdoor)   -  Indoor movie theaters
  -  Indoor dine-in restaurants   -  Indoor zoos and museums
  -  Indoor wineries and tasting rooms   -  Indoor cardrooms (except for those on tribal land)
  -  Indoor family entertainment centers


To read the full press release, click here.
To read the amended health order for business and activity restrictions (with attachments), click here.
For information about how the State of California tracks County Data Monitoring, click here.

Effective May 28, 2020 the Yolo County Shelter In Place order will expire.
However, all residents are still under, and need to comply with, the State's Stay At Home orders. 

Yolo County is issuing a new health order effective May 28, 2020 (in effect until further notice) that is NOT a Shelter In Place but: 1) Maintains the face covering health order; 2) Emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility; 3) Continues personal health and safety guidance, such as social distancing and hygiene; and 4) Provides additional directives and guidance. For more information, click on the tab below titled "All Health Orders & Amendments" or click here for the press release.

Yolo County's Attestation Plan was approved on May 20, 2020, however businesses are prohibited from reopening that have not been approved by the State and the local Health Officer. To see if your activity or industry has been approved, see the "Now Open in Yolo" columns below.

Yolo County will be aligning with the State order and its Four Stages to Resilience Roadmap. Yolo County is charting a path forward through COVID-19 that is fluid and gradual, continues to protect public health, and allows the County and cities to begin reopening various businesses and organizations. While the State Order is in effect, counties may only permit activities to resume that are not prohibited by the State Order.

State Stages

The Four Stages in the State's Resilience Roadmap

Each stage represents a specific level of risk. Stages can be phased in gradually.
Any and all activities may be altered at any time. This is not a comprehensive list of all businesses or activities.
These are activities that can be OPEN in Yolo County at this time.

1.State releases the activity and provides guidance.
2. Yolo County Public Health Officer authorizes activity to resume.
3. Businesses are directed to which guidance to follow by clicking on their link below AND
MUST follow the social distancing protocol and face covering order.

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Stage 1: Safety
(Open in Yolo)

Stage 2: Low Risk
(Open in Yolo)

Stage 3: Higher Risk
(Open in Yolo)
Stage 4: End of Order
(Open in Yolo)

To be consistent with other local counties, we are placing these activities in Stage 3.

Stage 1: Safety
(Not Open Yet)

Stage 2: Lower Risk
(Not Open Yet)
Stage 3: Higher Risk
(Not Open Yet)
Stage 4: End of Order
(Not Open Yet)
  • Everything in this stage has been reopened.
  • Everything in this stage has been reopened.
  • CLOSED starting July 3, 2020 for a minimum of 3 weeks:
    • Alcohol-Only Bars and wineries
    • Dine-in restaurants
    • Indoor family entertainment centers/movie theaters 
    • Indoor zoos and museums
    • Indoor cardrooms & racetracks (not on tribal land)
    • Indoor movie theaters
    • Indoor wineries and tasting rooms
  • Mass gatherings
  • Live theater
  • Night clubs
  • Festivals
  • Theme parks
  • Large stadium events
  • Concerts
  • Sports arenas
  • More details coming



Check back as more tabs will be added representing updates and the additional activities released.  

Roadmap to Recovery, The State's Readiness Plan, & Who's High Risk?
All Health Orders & Amendments
State of CA's Attestation & County Monitoring Data
Get Tested for COVID-19 in Yolo County
Great Plates Delivered: Yolo County
07.01.20: Closure of Select Sectors: All Bars and Certain Indoor Activities
06.19.20: Personal Services (Expanded)
06.12.20: Gyms, Bars, Wineries, Day Camps, Public Swimming Pools, Wedding Ceremonies, and More
05.29.20: Places of Worship & Religious Services
05.28.20: Hair Salons & Barbershops
05.27.20: Dine-In Restaurants and Non-Essential Offices and Retail
05.14.20: Childcare, Limited Services, & Outdoor Museums/Gallery Spaces
05.07.20: Retail Curbside Pick-Up, Manufacturing, & Warehouse/Logistics
04.30.20: Shelter in Place Extension and Approved Construction/Drive-In Religious Service
04.24.20: Face Coverings & Documents
04.24.20: Approved Outdoor Activity & Documents


Our Three Guiding Principles:

  1. Allowable activities shall only include those not prohibited by the California Shelter in Place Order

  2. Allowable activities shall inherently incorporate social distancing in the activity, naturally; and

  3. Allowable activities shall minimize the use of shared or communal property or equipment.

The first guiding principle is subject to the alteration of the current California Shelter in Place Order and may be changed to reflect an updated Order. The other Guiding Principles may change over time as restrictions are lifted. 

Shelter-in-Place Feedback Portal - Share a kind story, a concern, or submit a question An online form has been developed to capture feedback during the shelter-in-place order. Visit: to submit a question, report an issue, or share a story of a person, a business, or an organization that is an example of #YoloKindness.