Yolo County Parks Special Events

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Are you interested in holding an event in one of our beautiful parks?  We have hosted different reunions, 'glamping' weekends, and even weddings!  When you start to plan your special event, you will work closely with Parks Division staff to ensure your event is a successful one.

"Special Event" permits are subject to an initial fee of $185.00 and may have additional requirements depending on the size of your event; such as additional garbage collection, watering or additional restroom facilities needs.  "Special Event" permits are non-exclusive, which means other park visitors are still welcome in the park but outside of your reserved area.

Before filling out the "Special Events" application be sure to familiarize yourself with our Insurance Requirements.  Adequate coverage is required in order to make sure everyone attending your event is safe!  You can fill out your Special Event Permit Request here and if you have additional questions or would like to discuss more specific information unique to your "Special Event" feel free to email us at Yolo County Parks.  We look forward to assisting you with your next event!

Cache Creek Campground 

 Cache Creek Campground is the perfect setting for your special event!