Valley Vista Regional Park

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1999 Hwy 16, Rumsey, CA 95679

Valley Vista Regional Park (formerly Otis Ranch) is located directly across State Highway 16 from Camp HaswellValley Vista Park.  The Park is 587 acres of natural area with rural hiking trails and access to 54,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property which includes the Blue Ridge Trail.  The terrain defines this park with its steep slopes and beautiful view of the Capay Valley and beyond.  There are no traditional amenities at this park but there is a large area area for rural parking off of State Highway 16 and a picnic table at the top of the lower ridge.  The main hiking trail was constructed and is maintained by volunteers from the non-profit group, Tuleyome.  From the parking area at approximately elevation 600 to the top of lookout point at approximately elevation 2266, there is a very steep climb.  Use caution when hiking in this area due to the steep terrain and large temperature fluctuations throughout the year.  There is no potable water available , no restrooms and very little shade so plan accordingly and bring plenty of water and a hat at a minimum.

Contact Tuleyome for information regarding volunteering for projects and maintenance related to the Valley Vista Trail.

Valley Vista

Valley Vista