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  • Where can I purchase annual park passes?

    You can purchase annual park passes from the Parks and Resources Department located at 120 West Main Street, Suite D, Woodland, CA 95695 or over the phone by calling 530-406-4880. Download the Annual Park Pass Application.
  • What type of park passes are available?

    We have Day Use and Boat Launch passes available for purchase. The rates are dependent upon your place of residency and your age. We no longer give Golden Age Pass discounts. Passes must be displayed when in use.
  • Are annual park passes transferable?

    No. Passes are issued to individuals (day use) or a family (camping). Businesses and/or clubs are not to share passes with their employees or members. Passes may be purchased as gifts and will be issued in the recipients name.
  • Are annual park passes interchangeable?

    No, they are not. Boat Launch Passes are only valid at Knights Landing and Elkhorn boat launches.  Day Use passes are valid at all sites, however they can't be used to cover camping fees.
  • How do I reserve a campsite?

    Camp site reservations ONLY available via the Parks automated reservation system, link here.
  • How much does it cost to camp at the Cache Creek Regional Campground?

    Individual sites are $35.00 per night for all users. Group sites are $130.00 per night for county residents and $180.00 for non-county residents.