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On June 25, 2013, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution 13-67 to formally adopt NIMS as Yolo County’s all-hazards management system. The adoption and implementation of NIMS by State, tribal and local organizations is a condition for receiving Federal preparedness assistance through grants, contracts and other activities, as stated in the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-5).  This webpage provides links to ensure that Operational Area personnel are trained according to NIMS guidance issued by the federal government, Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) guidance issued by the State of California and the needs of the Yolo County Operational Area (OA).

Training Matrix

An Emergency Management Training Plan was approved for Yolo County in 2013 that outlines the full emergency management training strategy.  Courses below are part of the initial implementation of this strategy.  Additional coursework will be released as it becomes available.  Click here to read the full plan.

Baseline Training

The following coursework is mandatory for all Disaster Service Workers in Yolo County.  These courses ensure that personnel understand their role in Emergency Management and can work within a Type 5 (Low Complexity) incident.

Additional Training

Many other courses are available to expand your understanding of your role in Emergency Management.  Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Personnel are required to complete the following coursework:

  • ICS-400 Advanced ICS -  This course is only offered in a classroom setting.  Contact to find the next opportunity to complete this course.
  • Emergency Management has many software and hardware systems in use in every Emergency Operations Center.  The button below links you to a training system where you can take short courses on some of the systems in use throughout the Yolo Operational Area.


Classroom Based Training

In addition to the coursework listed above, the Yolo County Office of Emergency Services personnel can come to your agency/department/jurisdiction to provide in-person training on a variety of Emergency Management curricula.  Below are some samples of coursework available (Note: all courses are customized for the group they are taught to):

All courses listed above are taught as an interactive class.  Class lengths vary depending on the complexity desired in the interactive portion.  To arrange hosting a course please contact