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  • Does my local library have space for my group to meet?

  • I would like to start a book club. Can you help me?

  • What should I do if a book is lost?

  • Are there any book clubs in the area that I can join?

  • What if I lose an entire bag including the contents?

  • How long may I keep the Read Around Yolo bag?

  • My group meets monthly. May I borrow a bag every month?

  • May I request a bag for next month?

  • How do I reserve a bag?

  • How can I help the Yolo County Library get more titles for the Read Around Yolo program?

  • What is a “Read Around Yolo” bag?

  • Who can borrow a Read Around Yolo bag?

  • May I reserve a bag from the Online Catalog?

  • Is it possible to choose the branch library where I’d like to pick up the bag?

  • My group has less than ten members. Can I check out only a few items from the bag?

  • My group has more than ten members. Do you have bags with more than ten books?

  • Some of our members prefer large print books or audio books. Do any of your bags contain those items?

  • Is it possible to renew a bag?

  • I forgot what was in my bag when I got it—how do I know what to check for before returning it?

  • Can my group members return their own books to the library?

  • Is it possible to use the book drop to return a bag when the library is closed?

  • Do I have to return a bag to the same branch I checked it out from?

  • What if I am late returning a bag?

  • What if I am late returning one item from a bag?

  • One of my group members forgot to return their book; who is responsible for it?

  • What if the bag itself is damaged?

  • Can my book club suggest titles for the program?