YES Team Talent Management

Yolo County is dedicated to the constant improvement of its workplace culture. We believe that supervisors and managers that focus on and develop employee strengths in turn promote employee engagement (see Why Engagement in Important).

Talent Management encompasses the vital coaching and goal setting elements of the supervisor and employee relationship. Here in Yolo, we consider this a critical part of an employee’s professional development and continually work to offer tools and resources that support best practices, are strengths-based, and encourage employees to thrive both at work and in their overall lives.


Strengths Continues to Take Root in Yolo County

Read Last Update 07/23/19

As we continue our journey toward becoming a strengths-based organization, some huge milestones have been reached and some fantastic things are on the horizon. We are taking this opportunity to brag a little and share exciting news about Strengths in Yolo.

STRENGTHS  aka :StrengthsFinder” or “CliftonStrengths” or “Gallup Strengths”

As defined by Gallup, every individual possess specific talents or “strengths” that can be utilized for the success of both the employee and the mission of the organization. In simple terms, instead of focusing on developing or fixing our weaknesses, the Strengths concept invites us to focus on what we are naturally good at and where we are strong. In Yolo, we recognize that if we are able to provide employees with opportunities to use their specific strengths at work, they are naturally going to be more engaged, effective, and more fulfilled at work, at home, and in the community.

According to Strengths, everyone has defined talents. These talents have been researched and organized into 34 distinct strengths or signature themes. We all possess these talents in different ranked order and use them to varying degrees. The things we are really good at - where we can provide consistent near perfect performance - these are our Top 5 Strengths. Completing the Strengths online assessment allows you to discover your own Top 5 and provides an individualized report that describes how you uniquely use your talents and how to further develop your greatest talents. Developed in the 1990s under the leadership of educational psychologist Donald Clifton, the "StrengthsFinder" assessment was introduced in 2001 and updated again ("StrengthsFinder 2.0") in 2007. The assessment is rooted in positive psychology and neuroscience, and measures recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior and helps identify the areas where individuals have their greatest strength. >>MORE >> The History of CliftonStrengths


Over the past two years, the YES Team has collaborated with the Human Resources Department and early-adopter departments in actively working towards saturating the organization with the principles of the Strengths philosophy. Yolo has coupled the Strengths assessment results with a full day training course focused on core concepts, personal understanding of one’s identified Top 5 Strengths, and how to apply them in a team environment.

We have...

  • Hosted 18 Strengths-Based Development Classes.
  • Hosted 5 Strengths-Based Leadership Classes.
  • Trained 825+ employees. That’s nearly 55% of our staff!
  • 93% of training attendees found the session valuable.


Yolo recently took another BIG step toward integrating Strengths culture into the fabric of Yolo. Two members of the Human Resources Team (Makayle Leigh and Jenny Brown) and three HHSA Administrative Branch staff (Rebecca Mellott, Mike Wasilchin, and Carrie Matthews) all traveled south to the Gallup offices in Irvine to participate in an accelerated Strengths Coaching course preparing them to become Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches. With this addition of five certified Gallup Strengths Coaches, the organization is gaining embedded subject matter experts who understand the County and can develop resources that are appropriate and ongoing.

As we build this critical mass, resources are being developed for departmental leadership to further grow the Strengths culture. The plan includes a focus on several key areas that will pair well with these efforts; onboarding, performance and coaching conversations, team building, and professional development. We are excited about the next steps in Yolo’s Strengths journey, and will keep you posted as the journey progresses!

Strengths resources are continually being cataloged Yolo County's employee intranet but we are happy to share with anyone interested! Contact with questions or inquires.