YES Team Professional Development

The YES Team recognizes the importance of professional development and how successful efforts can benefit both the County and it’s employees.

Professional development includes organizational efforts and tools that are designed to help cultivate, motivate, and retain employees; providing growth opportunities to help create a high performing workforce.  Several YES Team Objectives focus on professional development: training, maximizing career potential, and the mentoring program. Through these objectives the YES Team will continue to support and assist County employee goals related to professional development.

The Yolo County Mentoring Program is designed to connect employees seeking to develop their professional skills with more experienced colleagues who can assist with finding opportunities that advance the employee’s leadership and professional growth. The program aligns with Yolo's S.P.I.R.I.T. Values and the goals of the mentoring program include: creating a culture of learning, sharing and networking; connecting the importance of institutional knowledge and experience with professional development, and guiding motivated employees towards self-development.

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