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Difference Makers are individuals recognized for exemplifying the County's mission, or "The Yolo Way," and demonstrating our S.P.I.R.I.T. core values. These are examples of employees who make a difference in our community either through direct service or by diligently supporting the staff that enhances the lives of others. Recognition is shared in a variety of ways; annual S.P.I.R.I.T. awards, County Service Awards, by our Board of Supervisors, or by being a featured Difference Maker on this page. Read on to learn more about Yolo County’s Difference Makers and don’t forget to explore recent and archived recognitions on our News & Updates page.

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Heather Lanctot

Recognized by: Mark Fink, County Librarian and Chief Archivist, Yolo County Library

Heather Lanctot, Yolo County LibraryHeather Lanctot has served as the Yolo County Archives and Records Center Coordinator since September 2016. In this role, she:

  • Coordinates, strengthens and provides support for County Archives and Records Center activities and operations;

  • Provides oversight and direction to staff and volunteers to implement Archives and Records Center service,

  • Connects and fosters positive relationships with providers, partners, historical societies and allies, Friends of the Yolo County Archives, community groups, schools and higher education, and the public; and

  • She represents the County and the Library as a professional, positive ambassador in the community at large.

Heather models the County’s customer service values, and has trained her staff and volunteers to provide excellent, consistent customer service for Archives and Records Center customers. Her professionalism, work ethic, attention to detail, and collaborative spirit make her a Difference Maker.

Over the last year, Heather has played an indispensable role in the $2 million renovation of the Shipley Walters Center for Yolo County Archives and Library Services. This project included the complete renovation of the Archives and Records Center facility, including the creation of a modern climate controlled space, the installation of new motorized compact shelving, designing new office space, as well as overseeing facilities improvements to the restrooms, conference room, staff break room, lobby, and the upgrading of the roof and the installation of new windows.

Although overseeing a facilities renovation project was a new experience for her, Heather jumped in with both feet, and became the resident expert on the project. This was a complicated project that required Heather to acquire new knowledge about state of the art archives facilities, computerized compact shelving, weatherproofing a facility and learning about sophisticated temperature control standards and equipment. Although there were some delays, Heather remained flexible and patient. Moreover, she refused to sacrifice accuracy, quality or customer satisfaction to move the project forward.

Heather kept detailed notes on the progress of the renovation, attended weekly project meetings, and checked in with staff and contractors about the status of unresolved items. She was methodical about tracking all items that required attention. Heather was also diligent about asking questions to learn more about a piece of equipment, or how a particular process was supposed to work.

Heather worked with her staff to oversee the move of the Archives and Records Center collections to a secured off-site facility during the renovation. Once completed, Heather oversaw the return of the collection to the facility. She was precise and thorough with the development of a plan to bring the collection back in an organized and orderly fashion. Without Heather's oversight, this project would have been much more chaotic.

Heather organized a dedication reception to celebrate the completion of the project which occurred on September 27th.

In addition to Heather’s work on the renovation, she has been active with Library and County projects. She is an excellent collaborator with the Friends of the Yolo County Archives, and provides this group with timely, detailed and thoughtful reports at their bi-monthly meetings and works with them to present information at community events and to recruit volunteers.

Heather has expanded the volunteer opportunities available at the Archives and Records Center. Over the last year, she supervised the work of 5 volunteers and trained them to assist with processing the collection, conducting inventory of the collection, and doing research for the displays. Under her guidance, the volunteers provided 342 hours of service benefiting the Archives.

Heather is passionate about preserving and promoting local history, and highlighting the diverse stories of all county residents. This commitment informs her work to the Shipley Walters Center for Yolo County Archives and Library Services, and makes her a Difference Maker.