Staff Directory

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Administration, Human ResourcesHuman Resources(530) 666-8055
Guadarrama, DalilaAdministrative AssistantHuman Resources(530) 666-8069
Ayala, DiegoAdministrative ClerkHuman Resources(530) 666-8067
Lorda, BrodyAssistant Director of Human ResourcesHuman Resources(530) 666-8044
Lara, AlbertoDirector of Human ResourcesHuman Resources(530) 666-8149
Jimenez-Barrientos, CarolPersonnel AssistantHuman Resources(530) 666-8053
Cital, RitaPersonnel AssistantHuman Resources(530) 666-8425
Manzo, Lorena Personnel SpecialistHuman Resources(530) 666-8051
Moreno-Edens, Monica Personnel SpecialistHuman Resources(530) 666-8052
Lopex, YasminPersonnel SpecialistHuman Resources(530) 666-8155
Gresham, StacySenior Personnel AnalystHuman Resources(530) 666-8060
Leigh, MakayleSenior Personnel AnalystHuman Resources(530) 666-8946
Lee, VanessaSenior Personnel AnalystHuman Resources(530) 666-8054
Croswell, ReneeSenior Personnel AnalystHuman Resources(530) 666-8064
Brown, JennySenior Personnel AnalystHuman Resources(530) 666-8328