Info for Department Intern Supervisors

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Departments who desire to offer an internship opportunity must submit a request to Human Resources that describes the project, the estimated project start and end dates, the approximate number of hours per week needed, and the desired qualifications and/or area of study of the student intern.  Click to view the complete College Intern Policy.

College Intern Selection Process

When the Department’s project request has been received and reviewed by Human Resources:

  • An HR staff member works with local colleges and universities to obtain referrals for students interested in and qualified for the particular project being offered;
  • The department’s intern supervisor receives the applications and resumes of intern candidates that have been pre-screened/pre-selected for placement; 
  • The department extends interview invitations to those candidates who are best qualified for the project;
  • After interviews are complete, the department directly notifies Human Resources and the selected candidate of his/her status.

College Intern Orientation

Once the student begins his/her internship, the department is responsible to complete the following forms, obtain the signature of the Intern, and submit the original documents to Human Resources:

1. College Intern Information Form
2. First Day Checklist for Supervisors
3. Release and Waiver of Liability Form
4. Intern Safety Orientation Form

The following two forms are provided and used on an as-needed basis:

1. Accident/Incident Report for Non-County Employee
2. Non-County Employee Driver Authorization Form

The following County policies are applicable to College Interns:

1. Equal Employment Opportunity and Harassment
2. Workplace Security and Safety Policy
3. Email Policy
4. Internet Policy
5. Drug & Alcohol Policy and Procedure

For questions or more information, please contact Jenny Brown, (530) 666-8328.


The County of Yolo is an Equal Opportunity Employer.