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The County is considering an alternative electronic competitive solicitation platform.  This platform will be tested using solicitations for the Leinberger Jail Replacement Project.  If you are interested in submitting a solicitation related to the Leinberger Jail Replacement Project, proceed to   Contact Procurement at 530-666-8070 if you have any issues with Leinberger Jail Replacement solicitations.

Otherwise, continue below to find all other solicitations at the current BidSync platform.

Registration Process to submit a bid or proposal or view solicitations

The County uses a service called BidSync to conduct online competitive solicitations.  Vendors must complete a registration process prior to submitting a bid or proposal.  There is no cost to register or to submit a bid or proposal through BidSync. When you are registered, BidSync will automatically notify you when Yolo County releases a request for quotes, bids, or proposals based on your profile's registered commodity.

1) Go to to create an account and register for solicitations.

2) Click on the "Register for Free" button at the top of Bidsync's home page.

3) Create an account and then follow the prompts to identify your company information.

4) It will take up to 24 hours before your account is completely activated within BidSync.  If you need your account activated right away, or have questions or difficulties, please contact BidSync's Vendor Support Services at 800-990-9339 ext. 100 or 801-765-9245.  You can email them at and identify yourself as a vendor for Yolo County.

5) The vendor is solely responsible to maintain and update its profile information at all time.

Standard instructions for submitting a bid or proposal

Review the solicitation documents to understand and follow the directions for submitting a bid or proposal.  Your bid or proposal must be received before the published end date and time when the solicitation closes.  Bids and proposals submitted by fax or email will not be accepted.