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Doing Business with Yolo County

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Yolo County. Our vendors make a valuable contribution to the health, safety and welfare of the communities and taxpayers we serve and we appreciate your efforts to provide the county with quality products and services.


The Procurement Division provides purchasing services for all County Departments.  In addition, the Division is responsible for overseeing the competitive solicitation process, surplus functions and vendor relations.


Ensure the efficient and effective procurement of goods and services that are needed for County operations.

Understanding the Procurement Process

The County regularly conducts competitive solicitations to obtain goods, supplies and services at the best value to the County.  Please review our Current Advertised Bids page to view current solicitations.

Once the County selects a vendor to do business with, the vendor needs to complete our Vendor Registration process to enter the vendor's information in our financial system.

After the vendor is registered, a purchase order or contract is issued.  The terms and conditions contained in the purchase order or contract is the complete authorized procurement relationship between the vendor and County.  The terms and conditions also contains the written specifications of the the required level of quality, quantity, delivery, and scope of work.

Vendor Relations

Maintaining strong and positive relations with vendors is important to the County.  The Procurement Division is responsible for ensuring the interactions with Vendors are fair and honest. Procurement staff are assigned to support certain County Departments and can foster relationships between the Vendors and their assigned Departments.  Procurement staff can review and resolve disputes or protests between County departments and Vendors.  The Contact Us page lists the Procurement staff and their assigned Departments.

Gifts and Gratuities 

The County recognizes the responsibility of all of its employees to maintain good relations with all members of the vendor community and believes this can be accomplished in a professional manner without gifts or gratuities interfering with and/or influencing employees. As such, the County maintains a strict policy prohibiting the acceptance by its employees of gifts and/or gratuities from any vendor or potential vendor. 

Yolo County Procurement Division

625 Court Street, Room 103
Woodland, CA 95695
530-666-8215 (fax)