Financial Transparency

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Yolo County is committed to financial transparency. Guided by the principles of operational excellence, the Department of Financial Services is currently working on several initiatives to ensure that relevant and meaningful financial information is available to County staff and the public. One such initiative is the use of technology and web-based tools to provide financial data in a format that is more user-friendly and understandable than standard spreadsheets or financial reports. To this end, Yolo County has partnered with OpenGov to develop an online financial transparency portal where users can view County financial data through an interactive graphical interface.


With the OpenGov tool, users are able to view County financial data in the aggregate, or filter, and customize the data to view different departments, budget units, or revenue and expenditure types. Data can also be downloaded to Microsoft Excel or other formats. Use the button below to access Yolo County’s OpenGov portal and view County available financial data. In addition, an OpenGov user guide can be accessed here.

OpenGov Button

Note to Users:
The OpenGov data visualization platform is being made available to the public but we are continuing to review ways to improve the site’s functionality and usefulness. The data represented in this platform is derived directly from the County’s financial ledger, but may not contain all adjustments or closing entries required for financial reporting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  The data platform is intended to be used for analytical purposes only. 

We welcome your feedback. Please direct all comments and questions to the Department of Financial Services at