Financial Oversight Members

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About Members

Current Committee membership and terms:




 Voting or Non-voting Member

 Date Appointed

 Expiration of Term

Supervisor Sandy



 12/11/2018  2/28/2021
Chair Supervisor Chamberlain    A


 4/24/2018  2/28/2021

Crissy Huey

Veronica  Moreno 

 B  VOTING  7/01/2018  2/28/2021

Paul Navazio



 4/24/2018  2/28/2021
Kristin Sicke, P.E.


 D  VOTING 10/09/2018     2/28/2021
Eric Will


 E  VOTING  4/24/2018  2/28/2021

Co-Chair Richard Horan

 E  VOTING  4/24/2018  02/28/2021
Patrick Blacklock

 F  NONVOTING  1/01/2015 Continuous

Chad Rinde

 G  NONVOTING  1/01/2019 Continuous 


Makeup of membership:

Category A: Two members of the Board of Supervisors (Board appointed) Category B: Yolo County Superintendent of the Office of Education, or designee Category C: City Council member or employee of a City within the County of Yolo (Board appointed) Category D: Board member or employee of any special districts within the County of Yolo (Board appointed) Category E: Two members of the public residing in the County of Yolo (Board appointed) Category F: County Administrator or designee (Non-voting member; term has no exp.) Category G: Chief Financial Officer or designee (Non-voting member; term has no exp.)

Membership terms:

3 year terms, beginning March 1 and ending February 28 (February 29th on leap years) Frequency and time of meetings: This committee meets at least quarterly, during normal business hours. *For Dates and times please contact staff liaison.

How to apply to be a member of this committee:

Individuals interested in serving on this advisory body may submit an application to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors’ Office, 625 Court Street, Room 204, Woodland, CA 95695 or by completing an application on our website at> Residents> Advisory Bodies.  For more information please call the Clerk of the Board at (530) 666-8195.