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The Wild Wings County Service Area (CSA 15) was established in May of 2004 to provide water and sewer services (map of the district). The Wild Wings CSA operates the only County-run Wastewater Treatment Plant which is fully self-sustained and complies with mandatory state regulations. The CSA also operates the corresponding Water System.  A map of the Wild Wings ponds and drainage system can be found here.

In March 2009, the Wild Wings CSA acquired the Wild Wings Golf Club. The golf course is managed for the CSA by KemperSports, a leader in the golf course management industry with over 30 years of experience. For more information on the golf course, the contract with KemperSports and discounts for residents, select link in left menu.

The CSA is funded by collecting fees for these services. Link here for charges applied annually to the property tax bill for the above services. Online tax statements are available here.

The Wild Wings CSA is governed by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and the policies and procedures of the County of Yolo (which are available upon request), and is advised by the Wild Wing CSA Advisory Committee. The Wild Wings CSA Recreation/Golf Advisory Subcommittee advises on golf course activities. Those interested in service on an advisory committee can apply here.  Services provided in the Wild Wings CSA are coordinated through the CSA Administrative Support Team which can be reached at YoloCSA@yolocounty.org or (530) 666-8153 for more information concerning the Wild Wings CSA.  

News & Information

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Wild Wings CSA Newsletter (Fall 2019) NEW

Wild Wings CSA Newsletter (Summer 2019) 
Wild Wings CSA Newsletter (Spring 2019) 

Water/Sewer Issues: call SUSP at (916) 283-8520 or e-mail: wildwings@suspinc.org

Please note: SUSP (Specialized Utility Services Program - link here for contract) is responsible for water lines from the street to the water meter (green box at the base of your property). Homeowners are responsible for the pipe, the remainder of water lines from the meter box to the house and all other irrigation lines on their property. Unless due to a leak coming from pipe SUSP is responsible for, homeowners are responsible for flooded meter boxes (typically due to leaks in irrigation systems or from overwatering lawns) and may be asked to take corrective action to rectify the situation and/or be directly charged for further equipment replacement. Should your water usage statement seem high, turn off all water and check to see if the wheel is still turning on your water meter (found in the green box at the base of your property). If it is, SUSP will check to ensure there is not a leak on the County side. Issues on the County side will be addressed by SUSP; issues on the property owner's side will need to be addressed by the property owner and likely a private plumber.

Monthly Operations Reports from SUSP
October 2019
September 2019
August 2019
July 2019
June 2019
May 2019
April 2019
March 2019
February 2019

Wild Wings CSA Financial Information

Information Requests

See Wild Wings Golf Club link for information related to the golf course requested during June 2018 CSA meeting.
Wastewater Feasibility Study (November 2018)
Engineer's Fee Report (Ponticello, April 2018)
Water System Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan (Luhdorff & Scalmanini, March 2018)
City of Woodland and Yolo County Service Areas Water and Wastewater Regionalization Feasibility Study (Nexgen, July 2013)

February 7, 2018 CSA Advisory Committee Meeting Materials

Below are links to materials presented during the Feb. 7 meeting concerning the status of the wastewater recycling facility, operations and future fees.  More information will be provided at the next CSA Advisory Committee Meeting, currently scheduled for Apr. 4 at 6:30 p.m.

Status Update on Wild Wings CSA Facilities and Fees  (related 01-23-18 Notice of Violation)
Wastewater System Diagram
Excerpt from Developer's Engineer's Report to State identifying a redundant waste water treatment plant vs. the current single train plant.

General Information 

Water Conservation Resources & Outdoor Watering Schedule (updated 04/04/18)
Notice re: Draining Pools/Spas (10/13/17)

Arsenic Treatment Project Information

Arsenic Treatment Project Proposal (9/3/19)

Wastewater Recycling Facility Reports (due two months later on the 10th)
Monthly Wastewater Report Nov 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Oct 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Sep 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Aug 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Jul 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Jun 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report May 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Apr 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Mar 2019
Monthly Wastewater Report Feb 2019


Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring Report (updated 08/29/19 - due 2nd month following close of quarter)
Annual Wastewater Report 2018

Water System Reports

Note: Quarterly reports are included in the respective monthly report as of Sep 2019

Monthly Water System Report (due the 10th of the following month)
Monthly Water System Report Nov 2019
Monthly Water System Report Oct 2019
Monthly Water System Report Sep 2019 (including 3rd Quarter 2019)
Monthly Water System Report Aug 2019
Monthly Water System Report Jul 2019
Monthly Water System Report Jun 2019
Monthly Water System Report May 2019
Monthly Water System Report Apr 2019
Monthly Water System Report Mar 2019
Monthly Water System Report Feb 2019

Disinfectant Residuals Compliance (due quarterly)
Disinfectant Residual Compliance 2nd Qtr 2019
Disinfectant Residual Compliance 1st Qtr 2019
Disinfectant Residual Compliance 4th Qtr 2018
Disinfectant Residual Compliance 3rd Qtr 2018

 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP) (due quarterly)
1,2,3-TCP Monitoring 2nd Qtr 2019
1,2,3-TCP Monitoring 1st Qtr 2019
1,2,3 TCP Monitoring 4th Qtr 2018
1,2,3-TCP Monitoring 3rd Qtr 2018

Total Coliform (due quarterly)
Total Coliform 2nd Qtr 2019 (new requirement)

Arsenic (due quarterly)
Arsenic 2nd Qtr 2019 (new requirement)

Perchlorate (due semi-annually)
Perchlorate 1st Semi-Annual 2019 (new requirement)

Lead and Copper Monitoring (due every three years)
2018 Lead & Copper Monitoring Report

Consumer Confidence Reports (due June 30 the following year)
2018 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System
2017 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System 
2016 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System 
2015 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System
2014 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System
2013 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System
2012 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System
2011 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System
2010 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System 
2009 Consumer Confidence Report for the Wild Wings Water System 

Meeting Calendar 

CSA Advisory Committees Procedures Manual
Select "All Past" below to view meeting minutes

02/05/2020 5:30 PM Not Included
02/05/2020 6:30 PM Not Included
04/01/2020 5:30 PM Not Included
04/01/2020 6:30 PM Not Included
06/10/2020 5:30 PM Not Included
06/10/2020 6:30 PM Not Included
08/05/2020 5:30 PM Not Included
08/05/2020 6:30 PM Not Included
10/07/2020 5:30 PM Not Included
10/07/2020 6:30 PM Not Included
12/02/2020 5:30 PM Not Included
12/02/2020 6:30 PM Not Included