North Davis Meadows CSA

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The North Davis Meadows County Service Area (CSA 10) was established on May 12, 1987 to provide for sewer, water, drainage, street lighting and landscaping services (map of district).  Link here for charges for these services which are applied annually to the property tax bill. Online tax statements are available here.

The North Davis Meadows CSA is governed by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and the policies and procedures of the County of Yolo, and is advised by the North Davis Meadows CSA Advisory Committee. Those interested in service on the advisory committee can apply here. Services coordinated through the CSA Administrative Support Team which can be reached at or (530) 666-8153 for more information concerning the North Davis Meadows CSA.

News & Information

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2019 Proposition 218 Procedure NEW

Initiation of Prop 218 Letter (05/23/19)
NDM Financial Summary (Unaudited) May 2019
NDM CSA Unauthorized Borrowing Letter 05-09-19
CSA Water Quality-Financial Sustainability Issues Timeline
Proposition 218 Notification 

Initiation of Prop 218 Proceedings & Consideration of Additional County Loan (05/21/19 Board of Supervisors Meeting)

Pre-Letter to Property Owners (04/30/19)

Water Quality & Water System Consolidation Project Information

Grinder Pumps
(Please remember during the holidays and major storm events to keep water usage to a minimum)

Follow the procedures outlined in the Grinder Pump Owners Guide and if needed, contact: Signa Mechanical (855) 747-4462. Note: Signa operations are primarily during business hours on weekdays. It is important to call Signa as soon as you become aware of an issue with your grinder pump so that it can be resolved during business hours and doesn't become a larger issue. However, Signa will follow-up on weekend/holiday calls if you leave a message. See links below for more information related to grinder pumps

Letter to residents concerning Grinder Pumps (05/15/17)

Decorative Rocks to cover Grinder Pumps

All Services

Procedures for Water, Sewer, Storm Drainage, Landscaping & Street Lights

Storm Drainage Map

Water Conservation Information (updated 06/30/17)

 Suspect a broken irrigation pipe or sprinkler in a common use area? Report these issues to the CSA Administrative Support Team at or (530) 666-8153

North Davis Meadows CSA Financial Information

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CSA Advisory Committees Procedures Manual
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