Cache Creek Area Plan (CCAP)

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Cache Creek Area Plan

The Cache Creek Area Plan (CCAP) is a rivershed management plan adopted by Yolo County in 1996 for 14.5 miles of lower Cache Creek, between the Capay Dam and the town of Yolo.  The CCAP was adopted as a “specific plan” pursuant to Section 65450 et seq of the State Government Code.  It was adopted as a part of the County’s General Plan and as a result, changes to the CCAP are regulated as general plan amendments.  The CCAP actually consists of two distinct complementary plans governing different areas of the overall plan area:  the Cache Creek Resources Management Plan (CCRMP) and the Off-Channel Mining Plan (OCMP). Both the CCRMP and OCMP establish a number of goals to assist in this overall management, balancing issues and concerns within the overriding vision of enhancing the variety of resource needs for the region.

The Cache Creek Improvement Program (CCIP) was developed to implement the goals, objectives, actions, and performance standards of the Cache Creek Resource Management Plan as it relates to the stabilization and maintenance of the Cache Creek channel.  The CCIP provides the structure and authority for a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), defines the procedures and methodologies for stream monitoring and maintenance activities, and identifies initial high priority projects for stream stabilization.

The following three documents comprise the Cache Creek Area Plan:

           CCAP Boundary Map