Community Indicator Dashboard

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The purpose of the Community Indicator Dashboard is to provide the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and the public with indicators that reflect the well-being of the Yolo County community. It is envisioned that the Community Indicator Dashboard will be an informative resource for the public as well as a useful tool for the Board during strategic planning to identify areas in the community in need of attention and stakeholder collaboration.

The dashboard has been organized into seven categories: Demographics, Economy, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, and Safety. Within each category are specific measures that present data pertaining to the category. This data has been gathered from the United States Census Bureau, county and state reports, and various non-profits. Each measure will be updated as new data is made available from the corresponding sources.


Demographics       Economy       Education



Environment       Health       Housing



Currently Available Measures by Category

Demographics: Population Total; Population Growth; Population by Gender, Race, and Age; Major Languages Spoken; Population Wealth; and Poverty.

Economy: Labor Force; Unemployment Rate; and Agricultural Output.

Education: Educational Attainment; School Attendance; Literacy; and Preschool.

Environment: Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Public Transportation; Waste Disposal; and Water Quality.

Health: Life Expectancy; Smoking Rate; Obesity Level; Teen Birth Rate; Health Insurance Coverage; and Food Security.

Housing: Housing Market; Vacancy Rate; Housing Affordability; and Homelessness.

Safety: Incarcerated Population; Crime Rate; and Substantiated Abuse Reports.