Out of Hospital Birth Registration

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You can register a child that was born outside of a licensed hospital birthing facility within one year of the birth date at your local County Vital Records office. To register a child that was born in Yolo County, but outside of a licensed birthing facility, you need to contact the Yolo County Clerk/Recorder's Office at (530) 666-8130.

You will be informed of the required documentation needed to register an out of hospital birth; we will send you a packet with a worksheet to be filled out. Once you have completed the worksheet, call the Clerk/Recorder’s Office to schedule an appointment for registration of the child’s birth.
For physician or licensed midwife attended deliveries, the requirements are slightly different. Please inform us at the time you make the appointment if the birth was attended by a physician or licensed midwife. The physician or licensed midwife must appear to sign and complete registration of the birth.

We register out of hospital births by appointment. Please call (530) 666-8130 to schedule an appointment. We need for you to be present with the child and have the required documentation at the time of registration. Documentation will need to be including, but may not be limited to:

• Proof of Identity with photo (California drivers’ license or California ID Card)

• Proof of Pregnancy (certification from a doctor or licensed nurse-midwife)

• Proof of Birthplace (utility bill showing name of parent, with home address for the month of birth)

• Attendant (witness to the birth, government issued photo identification required)

• Baby (must be present with the mother when registration occurs)

• Other Documentation may be required

After one calendar year from the birth date, the birth must be registered with the California Office of Vital Records, or through the courts.