Weights and Measures

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Weights and Measures

Truck for transporting large capacity weightsThe Weights and Measures program is charged with the responsibility of maintaining standards of measurement for consumers at the marketplace and various industries throughout our County.

Consumer protection is serviced through the following elements:

  • Verifying correct transactions of purchased consumer goods sold by weight, volume or count (such as scanner pricing and correct labeling on prepackaged or bulk commodities)
  • The inspection and testing of commercial weighing and measuring devices, to assure their accuracy. Such devices include grocery store check-out stands, gas pumps, gas and electric meters and other devices used to measure, weigh or meter consumer goods, including large and small capacity scales.
  • The sampling of petroleum products at commercial locations for quality

The Weights and Measures activities performed by this Department are mandated by Division 5 of the California Business and Professions Code. The Sealer of Weights & Measures has statutory authority to levy administrative fines for violations of the B & P Code.