Pest Prevention

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Pest Prevention

Pest exclusion is our first line of defense against the introduction of detrimental insects, plant diseases, weed and vertebrate pests into the County. Upon arrival into the County, all shipments of plant material must be held for inspection. These inspections are conducted to assure compliance with State and Federal quarantine laws and regulations.

Staff inspectors conduct inspections at the United Parcel Service and the United States Postal Service facilities in West Sacramento, as well as at other facilities that regularly receive shipments of plant material from other counties, states and countries. Inspectors also check domestic shipments of household items for gypsy moth larvae and egg masses, to prevent the establishment of Gypsy moths in California. Gypsy moth is prevalent on the East Coast where they cause millions of dollars in damage to trees and other vegetation.

The plant quarantine section of the pest prevention program includes the monitoring of research permits issued by both the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Shipments of plant materials into the County under authority of such a permit may remain in post-entry quarantine for a period of up to two years. During this time, inspectors regularly check the plant material for pests or diseases that may not be discernible at the time of entry.

Agricultural commodities destined for export must meet the phytosanitary (freedom from pests) requirements of the importing country. As a collaborative effort with the USDA, staff inspectors verify that the commodity meets such requirements, which may include making an inspection during the growing season. The inspector then issues a Phytosanitary certificate for export as required by the agricultural agencies at destination. Inspectors also issue certificates for the interstate and intrastate movement of plant materials.

Also as a collaborative effort with the USDA, Department staff inspect vessels arriving directly from foreign ports at the Port of Sacramento. Ships are inspected to identify fruit fly host materials from world regions where such insects as the Mediterranean fruit fly, Caribbean fruit fly and Oriental fruit fly occur. Staff can then quarantine those fruits and vegetables to protect the county from infestation.

Pest detection involves preventing the introduction and spread of injurious insect pests not known to occur in Yolo County through a systematic search for such pests. This is accomplished by deploying insect traps, making visual surveys, inspecting selected hosts, and informing and educating the public.

Grape Growers: More information on the Detection of the Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter is available by clicking here.

Exporters: More information on Phytosanitary Certificates is available by clicking here.

List of Current Pests of Concern for Yolo County

These pests are not know to occur in Yolo County currently.  If you believe that you have seen a pest on this list, please contact the department immediately at (530) 666-8140.

Insects –

Asian Long Horned Beetle
Diaprepes Root Weevil
Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter
Gypsy Moth
Japanese Beetle
Light Brown Apple Moth
Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Melon Fly
Oriental Fruit Fly

Weeds –

Japanese Dodder

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