Pest Management

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Pest Management

The Pest Management program involves controlling and monitoring common pest populations of weeds, rodents and insects below economic threshold levels. This is accomplished through rodenticide manufacturing, weed and rodent control, pest identification and biological control.

The Department manufactures a variety of rodenticide baits for sale to agricultural operators and other county agriculture departments. As the bait is now Federally restricted, proper certification is required.  Please see the above link "rodenticide baits for sale" for more information. 

The registration of these materials requires continuous monitoring in order to keep them in compliance with Federal E.P.A. standards. Baits are manufactured under an agreement with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, which maintains the registrations.

Vegetation management involves noxious weed control on State highways, County roads and special district rights-of-way. The major weed pests under management are Johnsongrass, Yellow Star Thistle, Russian Thistle, Dodder and Puncturevine. These weed pests, when left uncontrolled, can damage the paved edge of roadways, obstruct motorists' visibility, create potential fire hazards, and cause serious economic effects on adjoining farmland.

In addition, the Department works with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to eradicate "A" rated pests (pests not known to occur in California or are of limited distribution, and have the potential to cause serious economic harm to agriculture). Yolo County has one site with Skeleton weed and one site with Iberian Star thistle, which are currently under eradication efforts.

Biological control involves monitoring sites where parasites have been released, surveying for new infestations of pests where biological-control predators may be introduced, and maintaining equipment necessary for the program. Bio-control programs currently are established for Puncturevine, Ash Whitefly and Yellow Star Thistle.

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