Covid-19 Guidance

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Rapid Response for COVID-19

In Agriculture, farmers that are accustomed to dealing with invasive species know how critical rapid response is for stopping a new problem pest species. COVID-19 requires us to take that approach immediately. It is our duty to help others understand the importance of taking action now. 

At this point we each can and should help slow the spread of coronavirus so that our medical system does not face a huge influx of sick people as they have in Italy, for instance. That means isolating ourselves as much as possible for the near term, since any of us can be carrying and sharing the virus without knowing it. As epidemiologists are saying, it's our duty to our community.

 Here at the Ag Department, we will be staying home and working remotely as much as possible. We urge you to do the same if you can, or encourage your organization to allow it. For those whose livelihoods are being severely impacted, let's lobby for financial assistance to help them ride this out.

 We here at the Ag Department are available to support residents, clients and farmers during these uncertain times.

 Isolating ourselves will take a toll but it's an important investment in broader community health. My hope is that this experience will deepen our sense of connectedness and limits. As with climate change, invasive species, pollution and more, we’re all in this together.

 Take care,

 John Young
Yolo County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer


Penal Code Section 396 is already in place against price gouging.  
Complaints against a business are to be filed with the Attorney General's Office by going to the Attorney General's website (see link below) or by calling (800) 952-5225.

 FAQs about Price Gouging in California:

 Thank you for your help during this difficult time.