Strategic Plan 2007 Actions

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Strategic Plan 2007 Summary

Policy Agenda 2007

Top Priority
• Secure bond money
• Economic development plan and performance measurements
• Compensation policy: review and revision
• Levees analysis and plan, with funding
• Corrections reform strategy new jail construction funds (AB900)

High Priority
• Development Impact Fees
• Self Help County: Designation
• “Green” Policy: development
• Revenue sharing with cities
• Roads capital investment program
• Housing strategy for Yolo County

Management Agenda 2007

Top Priority
• S-P-I-R-I-T program
• Parks & Resources Department organization: implementation
• Ag-related business retention and attraction strategy and actions
• Ag mitigation ordinance
• Web site: update

High Priority
• Rural community service standards report and policy direction
• Fleet management plan
• Management succession
• Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
• Habitat mitigation ordinance
• County-Cities Dialogue

Accomplishment 2007

Top 10 Accomplishments 
• Adopted a preferred land use alternative for General Plan
• Institutionalized the strategic plan
• Enhanced legislative advocacy
• Adopted the roads capital investment program
• Completed 6 labor agreements
• Became leaders in “green” policy development
• Conducted the first regional Summit on Aging
• Created a Parks and Resources Department
• Enhanced emergency preparedness 

Other County Successes 
• Completed integrated regional water management plan
• Integrated S.P.I.R.I.T into recruitment and recognition program
• Advanced communications with criminal justice agencies
• Completed draft 10-year CIP (capital improvement plan)
• Merged Auditor-Controller & Treasurer-Tax Collector
• Initiated on-line streaming of Board meetings and e-mail subscription service
• Provided wireless capabilities at all library branches
• Adopted 10-year parks and open space master plan
• Completed stabilization project on Huff’s Corner on Cache Creek