Household Battery Drop-off Sites

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In compliance with California state law, Yolo County announced that effective February 9, 2006, residents are prohibited from disposing of household hazardous waste (HHW) items in their everyday garbage. Batteries now fall into the category of hazardous waste but can be recycled at many locations throughout the County. Just click on the area where you live to find the drop-off site nearest you:

City of Davis
UC Davis
City of West Sacramento
City of Woodland

City of Davis:

  • CVS Pharmacy, 1550 East Covell Blvd., Davis
  • CVS Pharmacy, 1471 West Covell Blvd, Davis
  • Hibbert Lumber Co, 5th and G Street, Davis
  • ACE Hardware, 815 3rd Street , Davis
  • Rite Aid Drug, 2135 Cowell, Davis
  • Rite Aid Drug, 655 Russell Blvd., Davis
  • Senior Center, 646 A Street, Davis
  • Nugget Market, 1414 East Covell Blvd., Davis
  • Nugget Market, 409 Mace Blvd., Davis
  • Rite Aid Drug, 2135 Cowell, Davis
  • Nugget Marlet, 409 Mace Blvd, Davis
  • Food Co-Op, 620 G Street, Davis

City of West Sacramento:

  • Sacramento Battery Co., 3616 Capitol Ave., West Sacramento
  • City Hall, 1110 West Capitol Ave., West Sacramento
  • Station 45, 2040 Lake Washington Blvd., West Sacramento

City of Winters:

  • City Hall, 318 First Street, Winters
  • Pacific Ace Hardware at 35 Main St., Winters
  • True Value Hardware, 500 Railroad Avenue, Winters

City of Woodland:

  • Woodland Presbyterian Church, 1324 Columbia Drive, Woodland
  • True Value, 345 W. Main St., Woodland
  • Nugget Market, 157 Main St., Woodland
  • City Hall, 300 First St., Woodland
  • Corner Drug Store, 602 Main St., Woodland
  • Community Center/Senior Ctr., 2001 East St., Woodland
  • Orchard Supply Store, 1350 E. Main St., Woodland

Yolo County Departments & Public Facilities:

  • Yolo County Central Landfill, 44090 County Road 28H, Woodland (northeast of Davis)
  • Esparto Recycling & Transfer Station, 27075 County Road 19A, Esparto 
  • County Library - Clarksburg Branch, 52915 Netherlands Road
  • County Library - Knights Landing Branch, 42351 Third Street
  • County Library - Yolo Branch, 37750 Sacramento Street

Should you have any questions, please call your local Coordinator at the number listed below:

City of Davis: (530) 757-5686
UC Davis: (530) 752-7456
City of West Sacramento: (916) 617-4589
City of Winters: (530) 795-2820 x 115
City of Woodland: (530) 406-5109
Yolo County: (530) 666-8856