A-Z Waste Acceptability

* HHW Collection open to Yolo County residents only



      HHW Flyer (PDF)             Fee Schedule (PDF)            HHW Business Flyer (PDF)



Accepted Every Day at the
Yolo County Landfill

      Other options for
   disposaL / Recycling            

*The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program is open only to residents of Yolo County.
 Please see the
 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program flyer for more details and applicable restrictions.

Aerosol cans empty  


see DTSC guidelines at 
Empty Aerosols (PDF)
Aerosol cans (full) NO *accepted at HHW Events
Ag Irrigation Drip Tape

Accepted daily, must be bound, bundled, or coiled with drip tape or twine.
(Mulch film plastic, drip loosely packed or bundled

with tape or metal baling wire will only be

accepted for disposal and applicable disposal

fees will apply.)

Agricultural containers
(approved plastic &
metal containers will be recycled)

Containers larger than
55 gallons require written approval for acceptance. Call the landfill for more information.

All containers must first be certified.  Contact the Yolo County Ag Dept. (530) 666-8140 to make an appointment for inspection and certification.


(Current acceptance of ag plastics is on Fridays only, from 7:30am - 3:30pm.)


Please remove any label booklets plastic sleeves, paper, metal, caps, lids, bungs and the majority of foil from spout.


Containers must be certified triple rinsed (contact Yolo County Ag Dept.), dry, non-refillable, HDPE plastic crop protection and other EPA registered pesticide product containers from agricultural and professional end users.

They must not be from home, garden, antimicrobial products, veterinary products or other noncommercial uses. No pesticide or other crop protection containers that were never filled, filled and never distributed or were subject of a recall.

Fumi-Cel pesticide packs
YES - Bags/packs must be wetted, dewatered, and inspected. Packs must be accompanied by a Yolo County Ag Dept Inspection form to be considered safe for disposal.
Standard disposal fees apply. 
Appointments for inspection can be made by contacting the
Yolo County Ag Dept.

(530) 666-8140

Aluminum cans

(see mixed recyclables)
Air conditioners YES
Antifreeze NO *accepted at HHW Events
(friable or non-friable)
NO *accepted at HHW Events
No longer than 4 ft in length, must be wetted, double bagged, securely sealed, and labeled to be accepted at the HHW events or customers may contact Class II Landfills for disposal options. 
 Asbestos, from businesses
(friable or non-friable)
 NO Businesses who are small quantity generators of hazardous waste may contact the County at (530) 666-8856 for a quote on proper disposal of asbestos through our HHW facility. Bolded requirements apply (see above)
Asphalt YES
Bamboo YES - accepted as green waste
Batteries, automotive, motorcycle YES - FREE RECYCLING
Batteries, household non-rechargeable alkaline, button batteries from watches, etc. YES - FREE RECYCLING
(Yolo County Residents only)

Batteries, household rechargeable nickel cadmium Ni-Cd, Nickel Metal Hydride Ni-MH, Lithium Ion (Li-ion) YES - FREE RECYCLING 
(Yolo County Residents only)

Brake fluid (see hydraulic fluid)

Burn Waste

Soil PDF

 YES - call the landfill prior to hauling for approval information  Bun waste is things like fire damaged buildings and structures or large burn pile debris. Charcoal from a BBQ is not considered burn waste
                                Construction & Demolition Debris Brochure (PDF)
YES - Currently mixed C&D is recycled.  Source separated wood, metal and concrete can also be accepted for recycling.  All charges per fee schedule.
Cactus YES - for disposal only
Cannabis Disposal Procedures YES Cannabis Disposal Procedures (PDF)
corrugated cardboard, shipping boxes, no waxed cardboard, no cereal cartons, no egg cartons, no paper grocery bags, no packing materials.

Carpet YES
Cartons, empty
(milk, juice, soy, etc.)

Cell Phones

Centrifuges   Yes - for Recycling Units contains Freon and therefore should be recycled and charged appropriate fees as an appliance. 
Chemicals, toxics NO *accepted at HHW Events
Christmas trees YES - must have no ornaments, flocking, tinsel, garland, lights
and the stand must be removed in order to be recycled otherwise it will be land filled as garbage

Cooking oil and grease YES - accepted as trash if solidified in absorbent or kitty litter *accepted in liquid form at HHW Events - OR contact a rendering plant for recycling options
Concrete YES
Cosmetics     NO - Chemical hair treatments (coloring, permanents, etc) aerosol sprays, nail polish and remover     *accepted at HHW Events
Creosote treated wood (PDF) YES - Limited acceptability,
small lengths 5' or less
Large quantities - contact
Recology Hay Road Landfill (800) 208-2370
(fire extinguishers and propane tanks up to
23.6 gallons (20#-100#)
NO - For other cylinders not accepted please contact Praxair at (916) 452-1234 *accepted at HHW Events
(specific types only)
YES - ONLY small helium balloon party tanks, air compressors, water heater expansion tanks, or water tanks

Dead animals
NO - Livestock, wild game, or large household pet, either whole or in pieces, which would have constituted a whole animal NO - Contact animal services, veterinarians, dead animal haulers or rendering plants for disposal information
Dead animals
& animal parts    
YES - Small household pets, must be securely bagged in plastic (bird, fish, rodent, reptile, cat, small dog, etc.)  Animal parts that do not constitute a whole animal, spoiled food, or by- products from butchering activities.
NO - same as above
Dead animal parts
YES - Butchering by products, spoiled food, and animal parts NO - same as above
Developer NO *accepted at HHW Events
Dirt (see soil)
Dishwashers YES
Drums (empty) YES - must be open for inspection; lids off or if there are only bung openings, they must be cut in half
Dryers YES
Electronic waste
computer monitors, laptops, televisions, and/or DVD players containing cathode ray tubes (CRT), liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma screens
These items are covered by the Electronic Waste Recycling Act

Electronic waste (misc.)
printers, keyboards, audio equipment, counter top appliances, vacuum cleaners, handheld electronics,
GPS systems, video cameras and camcorders

YES - FREE RECYCLING for residents


[Light fixtures clearly marked
are also accepted free of charge as part of the electronic waste recycling program.]

Business generated electronic waste: requires a preapproval
Explosives, ammunition,
bullets, airbags, etc.,
NO NO - Contact local law enforcement at (530) 666-8920 for details on proper disposal
Fertilizer containers (empty)

MUST follow same guidelines as Agricultural containers (see above);

No Ag. Dept. certification required.


 Fire Debris

Soil PDF

  YES - call the landfill prior to hauling for approval information  
Fire extinguishers (see cylinders)
Flares, emergency road flares NO *accepted at HHW Events
Fluorescent Tubes & Bulbs (commercial) NO *accepted at HHW Events
Must call for an appointment
(800) 207-8222

Fluorescent Tubes & Bulbs (residential)

YES  (Yolo County Residents only)

Freezers YES
Furnaces YES
Furniture (sofas, mattresses, large chairs) YES
Gasoline     NO *accepted at HHW Events
Glass beverage containers (see mixed recyclables)
Gravel YES
Green waste
-See restrictions: 
 Sudden Oak Death
 Light Brown Apple Moth
 LBAM Quarantine Facts

YES - leaves, grass, branches, brush, bamboo, tree rounds not to exceed 12"
in diameter and 12" in length,
straw / hay bedding and manure.
(disposal only)

(Commercial haulers and Landscapers must sign
a Compliance Agreement to haul and dispose of restricted green waste)

Hazardous waste (residential) NO *accepted at HHW Events
Hazardous waste (business) NO *accepted at HHW Events
Must call for an appointment
(800) 207-8222
Helium 5-gallon tanks (see cylinders)
Herbicides, pesticides NO *accepted at HHW Events
Hospital Beds  Yes for Disposal Units containing a mattress should be sent to landfill for disposal and applicable fees shall apply.  If a unit is free of its mattress item may e recycled as scrap metal.
Hydraulic fluid (brake) NO *accepted at HHW Events
Hydraulic oil YES - FREE RECYCLING
Infectious waste NO NO - Contact Yolo County Environmental Health for proper disposal
 Ink & Toner Cartridges
  - business/commercial

YES - Safe for disposal if empty

* accepted at HHW Events from 

businesses. Must call for an appointment (800) 207-8222
Subject to HHW disposal fees.

 Ink & Toner Cartridges
  - residential

YES - Safe for disposal if empty

cartridges containing ink
 Kegs NO Must be recycled through distributor.
Lawn Mowers     YES - Fuel powered units must be drained of all oil and gasoline. Electric powered units must have battery removed prior to recycling.
Light ballasts 
* please read both
YES/NO conditions at right to determine acceptability  

*YES - If bulbs are removed (ex. HID bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, etc) and Capacitor/Transformer is removed the light fixture itself is accepted as metals recycling. Capacitors and ballasts clearly marked "No-PCBs" can be accepted free of charge as E-waste.

*NO - Ballasts and Capacitors (unlabeled or containing PCBs) accepted at HHW events only.
Light Bulbs 
(incandescent, halogen, LED & *non-mercury 
containing bulbs)  

YES - Safe for disposal in regular trash container. (LED traffic lights require disposal)
*For mercury containing bulbs, see Fluorescent Tubes/Bulbs above.

Liquid waste (PDF) YES - call the landfill prior to hauling for acceptance criteria
 Manure YES - for disposal (includes straw / hay bedding mixed with manure)
 Mattresses  YES - (Daily for free recycling)  Futon Mattresses now accepted 
Medical waste (sharps, including needles, lancets, test strips, etc)


*accepted at HHW events"

Medical waste
NO - Do not flush pharmaceuticals down drains

*accepted at HHW Events
Contact your pharmacist or doctor to see if they offer disposal options
Controlled substances:  Bring to HHW Events to get an authorized postage paid mailer for proper disposal.

HHW Program Flyer

Medical waste (treated) *YES - call the landfill for approval information
Medical waste (untreated) NO NO - Contact Yolo County Environmental Health for proper disposal
Mercury (thermometers, switches, medical dilators, medical weighted tubing, blood pressure meters, dental amalgam, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, novelties including flashing athletic shoes, shoes, jewelry, singing greeting cards, etc.) NO *accepted at HHW Events

Mercury thermostats
(wall mounted only)  

YES - FREE RECYCLING  Mercury Thermostat Collection Act  (PDF)
Metal scrap YES

Mixed Recyclables (plastic,   glass containers, aluminum cans, tin cans, clean foil & trays, aseptic, juice box type containers )

Must be rinsed, discard plastic lids & caps, no plastic bags or film wrap

 #1, #2, #5, and #7 okay

* Mixed Recyclable


     #6 - Styrofoam trays &

         carry out containers

     #4 - film plastics such

          as bags/plastic wrap

     #3 - PVC pipe


mirrors, window glass

and light bulbs


Neon bulbs/lights YES  Businesses pay a fee and must be pre-approved before disposing of bulus/lights 
15 gallon limit - Motor oil , transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, kerosene, differential fluid, diesel fuel and diesel oil (5-gallon or less sized containers required to reduce spillage when pouring oil into tank)
NO CHLORINATED SOLVENTS/FLUIDS (ie brake cleaner, power steering fluid), Brake fluids, Transformer fluids
Ovens YES
Paint (latex and
acrylic water based)

YES -  Must be sealed with no  leaks, must have original label and be easily identifiable as latex paint

Unlabeled, unreadable, or corroded containers *accepted at HHW Events
Paint (oil based)
  *accepted at HHW Events
Must call for an appointment
(800) 207-8222
Paint (oil based)
YES -   Must be sealed with no leaks, have original label, and be easily identifiable as oil based paint Unlabeled, unreadable, or corroded containers *accepted at HHW Events
Paint (dried paint cans) YES
Pallets YES
Paper (mixed)

YES - FREE RECYCLING of junk mail,
grocery bags, phone books, white paper, colored paper, magazines, envelopes, paper bags, and paper egg cartons

PCB-containing materials
(capacitors, ballasts,
electrical transformers, transformer components)

[Light ballasts clearly marked
 are accepted free of charge as part of the electronic waste recycling program.]

*accepted at HHW Events
PCP treated wood (PDF), pressure treated wood YES - Limited acceptability,
small lengths 5' or less,
Large quantities - contact 
Recology Hay Road Landfill (800) 208-2370
Pesticide containers plastic (see agricultural plastics)
Pesticide containers (metal) (see agricultural plastics)
Pesticide containers
(fumi-cel packs) 
(see agricultural plastics)
Plastic beverage containers (see mixed recyclables)
Plastic carry-out bags YES - for disposal only Recycling drop-off bins located at supermarkets and large retail stores
Plastic lumber YES - for disposal only
Plastic, Rigid Plastics (toys, buckets, bins, flower pots, ice chests, lawn furniture, etc.) YES - FREE RECYCLING

Poisons NO *accepted at HHW Events
Pool chemicals NO *accepted at HHW Events
Propane tanks up to
23.6 gallons (20#-100#)
(see cylinders)
(commercial pipe ONLY)
Free recycling MAY be available with prior approval, otherwise for disposal
decommissioned materials
NO NO - Contact Yolo County Environmental Health for proper disposal
Railroad ties (PDF) YES - Limited acceptability,
small lengths 5' or less,
Large quantities - contact
Recology Hay Road Landfill (800) 208-2370
Refrigerators YES - Must be empty of food and must stand the refrigerator upright when removing from your vehicle.
Roofing tiles

and clean concrete and clay roof
tile (no wood, tar paper, or trash).
YES - SOLID WASTE RATE - New concrete and clay roof tile,
or used tile that is mixed with
wood, tar paper or trash.

Septic waste (PDF) YES - call the landfill prior to hauling for acceptance criteria
Sharps (see Medical Waste)
Shopping Carts No Contact carTrac toll free at 1-888-992-4778 or (818) 817-6712. If carTrac issues a log as scrap value then we can accept as clean scrap metal
Smoke detectors, household YES - residents are encouraged to return them to the manufacturer for disposal due to certain smoke detectors containing small amounts of radioactive material.  At this time, the County can accept them from residents since they are exempt from the regulations prohibiting disposal. Please pull out and recycle the battery.
 Sod YES - mixtures of sod, dirt, weeds
Soda Ash NO *accepted at HHW Events
Soil (PDF) YES - call the landfill prior to hauling for approval information  
Solar Devices

YES - vinyl pool solar heating systems

Small units such as garden lights or calculators accepted daily at no charge through the E-waste program .
Solar Panels  

NO - High levels of lead and cadmium prohibit landfill disposal of panels

 *accepted for a fee at
  HHW Events
Businesses must make an
Steel cans (see mixed recyclables)
Stumps, tree rounds greater than 12” diameter and 12” in length, Palm YES - for disposal only
Styrofoam (#6 meat trays & carry-out containers, packing peanuts, or blocks) YES - for disposal only For information on polystyrene recycling,
call (800) 828-2214
Tanning Bed     YES - fluorescent bulbs, ballasts and capacitors must be removed for acceptance *items removed also accepted at HHW Events
Tiles, floor (ceramic, porcelain, stone)   YES - accepted daily for recycling
Tiles, roofing 
 (concrete, asphalt,
  wood with tar paper)  
YES - for disposal only
Tiles, vinyl YES - for disposal only
Tin cans (see mixed recyclables)
Tire rims only    YES - (metal scrap)
Tires (auto, truck, or motorcycle) YES - with or without rims
         limit 9 without a permit

Tires (small)

(9 or less bicycle, wheel barrow, go-cart)  NO rims. Tubes and 10 or more tires subject to disposal fees.

 (4 or more at concrete rate)
Toner/ink (see Ink/Toner above)
Transmission fluid,
Transmission oil
Trash compactors YES
Vehicles     NO  

See DMV website - How to Dispose of a Vehicle...

To Donate your vehicle see: DMV Website - Car Donations

Vitamins    YES
*Liquid vitamins in large quantities, call the landfill prior to hauling
Washers YES
Water filtration unit YES - water must be drained
Water heaters YES
Water softener YES - softener units and salts accepted for disposal
Wood YES - lumber, pallets, crating, fencing, trim blocks, plywood, particleboard, decking and other clean wood products

Disclaimer:  Information listed is subject to change.   For more details please call the Yolo County Central Landfill at
(530) 666-8729 and press "0" to speak with an attendant .