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Yolo County
Environmental Health
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The Environmental Health Land Use Program protects the environment, public health, and the quality of life through an environmental review process of proposed land use. It consists of a review of all development proposals in Yolo County including incorporated cities. Proposed subdivisions, use permits, lot line adjustments, building permits, Environmental Impact Reports, business licenses, parcel maps, and zone changes are reviewed to identify possible health hazards and any environmental impact that can result from the implementation of these various proposed activities.

Requirements and recommendations from Environmental Health are presented through the land use development process to mitigate or prevent any foreseeable health hazards or environmental degradation in the areas of hazardous materials and waste, solid waste, water supply, sewage disposal, vector control, food, housing, and recreational health.

In order to receive a land use review, the land use document for review must be submitted along with the Land Use Review Survey electronically through the County of Yolo’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site ( by the agency requesting a review. If the land use review is being requested directly by an entity other than a governmental agency, the land use document can be submitted in person over the front counter along with the Survey. If this is a residential project, the Survey is not needed. The appropriate fees must then be submitted within ten business days either by cash, check, or credit card. Once the required materials and fees have been submitted to Environmental Health, the requesting agency or applicant will receive a response to the review within ten business days.