Permanent Food Facilities

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General Information

Permanent Food Facilities are those operating in a permanently constructed structure. Examples are restaurants, cafeterias, markets, delis, bakeries, and bars.


Bed & Breakfast Inns/
Agriculture Homestay

Bed and Breakfast Inns and Agriculture Homestay facilities provides exemptions from the California Retail Food Code requirements allowing them to operate from modified residential style kitchens rather than meeting all of the construction and equipment standards required of other food facilities.  Facilities must first have their equipment and facility layout plans approved and obtain an annual Health Permit before opening.

  • For example these exemptions allow for the use of residential style dishwashers and refrigerators rather than requiring commercial dishwashers and refrigerators.  For more information please contact the Food Plan checker at Environmental Health (530) 666-8646 and review the information provided in the following links:

Yolo County Ag Tourism Policy

CCDEH Bed and Breakfast/Agricultural Homestay Food Facilities Guidelines


Permanent Food Facility: Change in Ownership 

  • When a food facility undergoes a change in ownership Environmental Health requires that the facility be brought up to the current standards of the California Retail Food Code prior to issuing a health permit.
  • When taking over an existing food establishment the first step is to submit the Application for Food Facility Permit and the Food Facility Change of Ownership Questionnaire.  Please see the Change in Food Facility Ownership Handout for more information on this process.
  • The inspector assigned to your facility will review the application and the questionnaire to determine if a plan check or an onsite review will be required prior to the approval of your health permit.
  • If remodeling is to be done or any changes in equipment are being made, plans must be submitted to Environmental Health for approval prior to beginning work.  Please see Step One of How to Open a Food Business for all that is required when submitting plans for a plan check.
  • The person in charge will be required to become a Certified Food Handler within 60 days of opening for business.


Permanent Food Facilities: New or Tenant Improvement

The Yolo County's Environmental Health Services created a step-by-step web page to help potential permanent food facility owners open a restaurant with ease. To view the page click HOW TO OPEN A FOOD BUSINESS



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to open a food facility and obtain a health permit?

If you buy an existing food facility review the information under Change in Ownership for what is required.  The health permit is only valid for the person, location and type of food sales listed on the permit application. The permits are non-transferable.

If you plan to build or remodel a food facility review the information under How to Open a Food Business for what is required.

I'm thinking of buying an existing food business. What do I need to do?

Review the information under Change in Ownership for what is required.  To be on the safe side, it is suggested that you look previous inspection reports for that facility to find out if there are any outstanding problems with the facility you are interested in. You can review past inspection reports online through our online file review system.  Click here for more information on how to do an electronic file review.