Mobile Food Facilities

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photo-1513640127641-49ba81f8305cA mobile food unit is any motorized or non-motorized (portable) food unit, used in conjunction with a commissary or other approved facility that is fully enclosed with a complete commercial kitchen that is permitted by the Yolo County Environmental Health Division. Examples of mobile food units include taco trucks, catering vehicles, produce trucks, and ice-cream carts. Care must be taken to safely handle food products sold from a mobile food vehicle to prevent sickness or injury to the public, as with any method of food sale. 

Information on Obtaining an Insignia

The first step in permitting a mobile food facility is to obtain an insignia from The Department of Housing and Community Development.  An insignia is required on special purpose commercial coaches which are vehicles with or without motive power, designed and equipped for human occupancy for industrial, professional or commercial purposes.

For more information on the insignia, including how to get a replacement, please visit the Department of Housing and Community Development's website by clicking here.

To Apply For a Permit, Submit the Following:

  • Permit Application & Application Fee
  • Commissary Agreement (All mobile food vehicles must operate out of an approved commissary. A commissary is a permitted food establishment (such as a restaurant or market) where food, containers, and supplies are stored or handled for use. A private residence may not be permitted as a commissary or used as such. The commissary must comply with all provisions of the law applicable to food establishments. Mobile food vehicles shall report to the commissary once each operating day for cleaning and servicing or be serviced by a mobile support unit that reports to the commissary. Mobile food vehicles also shall use the approved commissary for overnight parking).
  • Restroom Agreement (If a unit is parked in one location for more than 1 hour the employees must have access to approved restroom facilities within 200 feet of the unit. Restroom facilities must be easily accessible to the food handlers and be supplied with hot water, soap and towel dispensers).

Mobile Food Reciprocity Program

Mobile food trucks that are permitted in Sacramento County qualify for Yolo County's reciprocity program. The annual fee is reduced because an inspection by YCEH is not required.

To apply for the program, submit the following.  

Important Information

  • Any person working with a mobile food preparation unit will be required to become a Certified Food Handler within 60 days of opening for business.
  • Annual mobile food inspections are offered without an appointment Monday-Friday 8:00am-9:00am at the YCEH office located at 292 W. Beamer Street, Woodland. If you need to bring your mobile at a different time, please call our main line at 530-666-8646 to schedule an appointment.
  • Please read this information to ensure your mobile is ready for inspection.